Shamshera Movie Review: Ranbir Kapoor Stuck In a Bad Script and Poor Direction


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This is the tale of Shamshera, the person who came up with the catchphrase "Karam se dacoit, Dharam se azaad." Shamshera, the Khmeran tribe's exiled chieftain from Rajputana to North India, falls victim to British plots and locks up his entire tribe in Kaza. While attempting to flee from there, he is slain.

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Shamshera Movie Details

Movie Review Shamshera
Movie CastRanbir Kapoor, Vani Kapoor, Sanjay and Saurabh Shukla
WriterNilesh Mishra, Karan Malhotra
Director Karan Malhotra
ProducerAditya Chopra
Release Date 22 July 2022

Shamshera Movie Review

Shamshera Movie ReviewShamshera Movie Review: The plot of the movie “Shamshera” takes place at the same time period as the mediocre movie “Thugs of Hindostan” by Yash Raj Films. The results of movies like “Chehre,” “Jhund,” and “Runway 34” can be used to understand how much of an appeal Amitabh Bachchan left at the box office. Since the release of that movie, Aamir Khan has not released any new movies. Is. The world of these stories is essentially incredibly made-up and is based on dubious research.

This is also “Shamshera,” Ranbir Kapoor’s fourth consecutive big-screen comeback movie, major flaw. Here, the director has covered the entire movie in just two locations. It is unknown if anything else occurred in that time period. The golden jubilee year for Yash Raj Films wasn’t great, and the studio’s most recent movie, this year’s “Shamshera,” is also having trouble at the box office. The only significant variation in how the movie was conceived of and created is that the opening credits’ listing of the writer of the movie, Khila Bisht, as “Beast” in Hindi.

Sanjay Dutt is the second Main Character of the film

Sanjay Dutt in ShamsheraShamshera Movie Review: Daroga Shuddh Singh serves as the second main character and focus of the tale in the movie Shamshera. Voices from the “Harry Potter” movies can be heard in the background as he appears on screen. The story takes place between 1871 and 1896, yet the doctor in question doesn’t even advance in those final 25 years. Shuddh Singh, who was crucial in terminating the old Shamshera, is arrogant in his belief that he will also catch the new Shamshera. However, English officer Freddy Young is dispatched to the scene when his pride falters. The plot then continues to sag.

Poor Script and Average Dialogues

Shamshera Movie Review: The movie’s screenplay was written by the director Karan Malhotra and his wife Ekta. Both Karan and Ekta failed to focus on developing the environment around the film’s key characters while they were scripting this. There was something in the universe besides Nagina and Kaza at that time, but it is not revealed in the entire movie. The dialogues written by Piyush Mishra do not convey the atmosphere of the period when Khari Boli’s propaganda was first becoming widely disseminated in the nation. Awdhi and Braj, two significant dialects at the time in North India, are not spoken by any characters in the movie.

Should You Watch the film Shamshera or not ?

Shamshera Movie Review: For movies made during a certain era to have an impact on the screen, the soundtrack of the movie is crucial. However, it doesn’t appear if Mithun attempted to accomplish this in this song. Their entire fleet is contemporary. There is no trace of the music of the 19th century in it. The movie’s songs are monotonous, and the background music is merely noise.

It was anticipated that the movie “Shamshera” would be an excellent opportunity for the viewers to experience a historical period back 150 years and would showcase Ranbir Kapoor’s talent on screen. But every aspect of the movie—including the narrative, director, photography, music, and editing—fails. So overall, Shamshera Movie Review comes under an average films ones.


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