If cricket is the Religion of India, then Bollywood is the God we worship!

Bollywood has forever had the viewers all excited and pumped up at all times. From the songs to the actors to of course the movie as a whole, it has always given us a high dose on curiosity to know the inside, behind the scenes, movie reviews and all the whereabouts of these stars whom we look up to!

In our time where our day begins with checking our Smartphones for all the latest updates, we have begun Bollywood Mascot with a goal to provide you with all the Bollywood Latest News at your fingertips.

Bollywood Mascot brings to you the latest reviews of all the recent Movies that you have been wanting to watch, Gossips from the sets and the entire uncooked inside story you wish you knew more about!

Why Bollywood Mascot?

Straightforward Criticism

YES, this site is to update you about the cinema as a critic and keep a tab on all those things happening around the bush of an actor’s life.

This site is nothing like those daily soaps, so there wouldn’t be any “Khayali Pulaav” or some said rumors initiated or cooked by “us” of these Bollywood actors.

This site has its roots grounded well to get direct and legitimate information from our trustful contacts!

Entertainment At Your Fingertips

There are a 1000 sites to update you and get movie reviews!

In this cluster, it becomes difficult to have or invest your faith in any reviews or some xyz story.

Bollywood Mascot hereby provides you with the deepest and the righteous information about Bollywood Life and much beyond that in the most convenient way!

One-stop Solution To All Your Entertainment Gossips

“We don’t prefer adding spice to things which are already spicy because we all know that it becomes hard to Digest”

Likewise, the stories and reviews that you hear from us would be something you could trust with a blind eye, nothing overdone.

YES! Your favorite station will acquaint you not only with good reviews that you could rely upon but will also provide you with all the “MASALEDAAR CONTROVERSIES” right from the horse’s mouth.

Bollywood  Mascot assures you to be as glamorous as BOLLYWOOD itself is!