Umar Riaz & Asim Riaz have Insulted “AHRAM” says Faizan Ansari


Faizan Ansari said that Umar Riaz and Asim Riaz are Kashmiri muslims who went for Umrah only in the name of publicity. They didn’t even chop their hair for the ritual. Such people should be banned!
Faizan Ansair mentioned that these people should go back to their home Kashmir. Some dirty fishes are making the whole pond dirty. The Muslim religion is loosing pristine roots due to such people. Umar Riaz, Asim Riaz & Aly Goni have Insulted Aehram says Faizan Ansari.

There should be a legal action taken with people who play with any religion’s rituals and pride. Such people should be welcomed disgrace when they return.

Yeh Hai Mohobateein and Big Boss fame Aly Goni is a clumsy person who tweeted in an irrational state something very wrong and not acceptable and Faizan Ansari conveyed his disbelief for the same and said he won’t spare Aly Goni. Faizan Ansari says who is he? And what is Aly Goni’s identity? He is just an actor with minimal experience who is into showoff business.
At last one Kashmiri is envious of another Kashmiri. These people have made a joke about Umrah and are just faking to perform the ritual for publicity. They have made this pure holy ritual a mock and are disrespecting the religion.
Big Boss fame Asim Riaz and his brother Umer Riaz too did the same thing and went to Mecca in the name of Umrah to gain publicity and fame.

Fazain Ansari shows his aggression and says why don’t these Kashmiris go back to their land and stop taking advantage of the religion. After Asim Riaz and Umar Riaz, it is Aly Goni’s turn.
What will Aly Goni’s reaction be to this? Do you want to know what will be his reply? What will Faizan Ansari do next? To know more stay tuned!

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