Film Producer Deepak Saraswat film Roohani came into controversy even before its release


Every day some new controversies arise in the film world. The Muhurta of the film Roohani was done by film producer Deepak Saraswat before the Corona period, but due to the lockdown in the country, this film remained incomplete. But a new twist in this film has come to the fore, a well-known actress has accused Deepak Saraswat that the film is based on her life and he has decided to make it without asking her.

On this, the producer says, it is sometimes a coincidence that someone’s life story matches with someone else’s story, and without knowing the full story, one cannot tell whether it is based on a true incident of his/her life. Deepak Saraswat is going to make a film based on true events. Film Roohani is also a story of a girl who dreams big and takes wrong steps to fulfill it and later dies. The name of the story of revenge is spiritual. The shooting of the film has been stopped for some time now, a plan will be made to finish the shooting soon and release the film.

Now-a-days there is a competition among filmmakers to show some different story. That’s why many producers and directors are looking for stories in villages and towns. Nowadays a trend has come to make films on true events too. Deepak Saraswat who is an ad filmmaker by profession Yes, he too has now decided to make a film based on a true incident.

By the way, Deepak Saraswat is a filmmaker as well as a social worker, who has been recognized for his good deeds, millions of people follow him on social media. He believes that every human being in the world has his own story. And there are many such stories which can chang anyone’s life by showing the story on the screen. In this episode, Saraswat is working on a true story from a village in Madhya Pradesh, planning to make a film on it soon.

He told that the cast and characters of this film will also be taken from almost the same area, so that the films get seriousness and the truth can be displayed in the same way. Significantly, Deepak Saraswat has been seen hundreds of times on social media while working for the society. This has also been the reason for his fame and gathering millions of his supporters. Now he has decided that by bringing truth and inspirational stories to the screen.

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