Consider integrating demographics and sustainability in fashion, says leading Fashion Entrepreneur, Swapnila Kirthan Purecha


No simple task can be as critical and tasking as making one’s own style statement. From dresses to accessories, makeup, and perfume – each component plays an important role in defining a person.

Swapnila Kirthan Purecha is an entrepreneur who runs a leading fashion house by the name SwapsCouture. She has gracefully aced the dichotomy of the domain of fashion and has effortlessly chosen growth and adaptability over everything else. She adds her thoughts to this by also highlighting the tremendous rise of women designers and how they are charting a new wave for fashion in India, specifically.

Swapnila Kirthan Purecha says, “The fashion industry in India has evolved and is now a space for collaboration and creativity. It is our duty as Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs to rise up to this occasion and do our bit.”

Evidently, the Indian fashion industry has always been in a perpetual search. Swapnila Kirthan Purecha adds to this statement and says, “Indeed, there would be no point in designing new clothes if they were recreations of the same old stuff. The reality is that newness is what fashion is ultimately built on. And while this has some not-so-pretty consequences—for the environment, for example—it also translates into endless business opportunities. Hence why everyone is keen on getting into fashion entrepreneurship.”

Another idea around fashion is that it should be centred around demographic innovation so as to cater to a wider range of audiences and also deliver a more personalised delivery. Swapnila adds her thoughts and says, “Finding the demographic gaps within the current customer base of mainstream companies might be the way to go. There are firms that produce a very specific type of garment for a very specific customer. This illustrates how thinking about innovation and fashion entrepreneurship in terms of demographics could look like.”

In the sunny land of Goa, where the waves meet the shore and the breeze carries the scent of adventure, Swapnila made her mark at the India Beach Fashion Week (IBFW) in 2023. With her unique and captivating collection theme of “Moonshine,” she stood out among the sea of designers vying for attention.

But Swapnila Kirthan Purecha ‘s vision didn’t stop at just creating beautiful clothes. She wanted to make a statement and create an inclusive runway. That’s why she invited the trailblazing Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, a transgender activist, to walk with her and showcase her collection to the world.

The result was a stunning display of fashion and social progress. After the event, Swapnila’s star continued to rise as renowned brands approached her for collaboration shoots. As a fashion influencer, Swapnila Kirthan Purecha ‘s Moonshine collection was not only a feast for the eyes but a celebration of diversity and empowerment.

Swapnila Kirthan Purecha adds her thoughts on sustainability and how it impacts the fashion industry, “The terrifying consequences of climate change have led innovators to come up with a wide variety of innovative solutions. Many of them have been specifically tailored to the fashion industry, as it contributes so much to this horrifying phenomenon. And entrepreneurship in fashion seems to be getting with the times. With the consumer’s increasing concern for the environment has come to an increase in the use of new, sustainable tools. Brands that focus exclusively on producing sustainable clothes are becoming commonplace.”

Truly, one can say that fashion is intrinsically linked to newness and innovation, and it only makes sense for fashion entrepreneurship to be tied to it too. Those dabbling in entrepreneurship in fashion should consider demographic, sustainable, and technological innovations as building blocks for their future companies.

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