Dip Patel to Star in Jeep Meridian Car Campaign, Promising Thrills and Luxury


Renowned actor and model Dip Patel has been chosen as the face of the upcoming commercial campaign for the Jeep Meridian Car. Having previously represented esteemed brands such as HDFC Bank, Skinscraft, and Jully Blankets, Dip’s selection underscores his ability to embody sophistication and charisma in advertising.

In the forthcoming commercial, Dip will showcase his talent by partaking in adrenaline-pumping stunts set against rugged landscapes, demonstrating the Jeep Meridian’s capability to conquer challenging terrains. From navigating through mountainous regions to indulging in leisure activities like football and popcorn, Dip’s portrayal aims to capture the versatility and spaciousness of the Jeep Meridian’s interior.

Scheduled for national television and various social media platforms, the campaign seeks to shine a spotlight on the Jeep Meridian Car and its extensive lineup of seven variants. Dip’s involvement is expected to inject excitement into the commercial while accentuating the Meridian’s cutting-edge features.

Filmed against the picturesque backdrop of Alibag, the commercial immerses viewers in a world of adventure and enjoyment, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the thrilling experiences that await with the Jeep Meridian.

As the ambassador of the campaign, Dip Patel emphasizes the fusion of adventure and luxury embodied by the Jeep Meridian Car. With his magnetic presence and dynamic persona, Dip is poised to leave a lasting impression as audiences eagerly anticipate the launch of the Jeep Meridian.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of this captivating campaign, as Dip Patel takes audiences on an unforgettable journey with the Jeep Meridian Car.

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