Who is Cicely Tyson Daughter? Everything You Need to Learn about Joan Tyson


Apart from being an award-winning actress Cicely Tyson was also a proud mother to her little girl, Joan. Here’s everything you need to learn regarding Joan Tyson. On and off-screen, Cicely Tyson was a legend. The actress Cicely Tyson dead at age 96, on the 28th of January 2021, had an extremely successful profession as an actor and was a trailblazer. From winning the Academy Honorary Award in 2018 and being a five-time Emmy nominee for her role as Viola Davis’ mother on How to Escape from Murder, Cicely was a major force in Hollywood. She also dabbled in Broadway and won an award for the Best Actress in a Play award for her role in the play The Trip to Bountiful.

Cicely Tyson Husband

Alongside the entertainment awards, Cicely was named the Kennedy Center honoree in 2015, and in the year 2016, she was awarded her Presidential Medal of Freedom. The most significant accomplishment of Cicely’s life was as the mother of the daughter of her husband, Joan, and her husband, who’s now 78 years old. This is everything you should learn about Joan as well as the special connection she shared with her famous mother.

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Who is Joan Tyson? Was Cicely Tyson Married?

To begin, Joan Tyson is not the actual title of her daughter. Cicely keeps her daughter from being the center of attention and thus refers to her daughter as “Joan” when she wrote her autobiography “Just as I Am which was published in the days prior to the time of Joan Tyson’s death. sounder actress died. The memoir also was dedicated to Joan, with Cicely declaring that she was “the person who suffered the most for this gift to everyone.” Cicely also wrote her declaration, “Love, Mom,” according to PEOPLE.

How old is Cicely Tyson today?

Cicely was her mother of Joan in February of 1943 when she was just 18 years old. The father of Joan was Kenneth Franklin, to who Cicely was married on the 27th of December the year 1942. The couple experienced a turbulent marriage until the time Joan reached the age of 2, Cicely took her daughter away, then quit Kenneth and sought a divorce. “Ahead when I left, I didn’t reveal to Kenneth I was ending this marriage,” Cicely said in her memoirs, according to her Cheat Sheet. “I knew that it would shatter his heart as it was.” Cicely finalized her divorce with Kenneth in 1956. She then continued her acting career as she raised Joan on her own. She was later married and again with Miles Davis from 1981 until 1989.

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What was Joan’s relationship with Her Mother?

While Cicely was able to keep Joan away from the spotlight The actress’s memoir suggests that she enjoyed a close relationship with her child. In the early days, when Cicely began her career in the field and worked a variety of jobs to help support her daughter. According to sources, Cicely said in her memoir that she hoped to provide Joan — who she described as “my beloved princess” an “education higher than my own,” PEOPLE stated.

However, the couple had to live several years apart after Cicely took Joan to an institution of boarding far from her house in New York City so that Cicely could concentrate on her professional career. The choice, Cicely reportedly wrote in her memoir, was difficult for a mom of one. “Joan was convinced when she was a kid, that she needed to let me be part of everyone else,” the author wrote. “I am now able to give her in my adulthood the gift that my heart has always wanted to give to her my full attention as well as the complete extent that she is protected.”

But, Cicely clarified in her memoir that she will not reverse her decision to take Joan away. “I am not unhappy the fact that I made the decision to make a living the way I did or that I was able to arrange for Joan to attend school the world to the from my home,” Cicely wrote, according to People. “But I do grieve that my daughter, in the time she longed to be close to me and felt my absence so strongly.”

What’s Joan Tyson Currently Doing?

Joan was raised in the most private of lives according to her mother’s will and it seems that she continues to follow her mother’s wishes. Joan doesn’t appear to be active on social media or on the internet, and she didn’t issue a statement publically following her mother’s passing. But, it’s more likely that she was at Cicely’s funeral which was held on the 16th of February in 2021, at Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Chapel in Harlem with guests including Tyler Perry, Lenny Kravtiz (Cicely’s godson), and Bill as well as Hillary Clinton, according to USA Today.

The majority of the information about Joan is based on Cicely’s memoir. In the memoir, Cicely indicated that the couple was still very close until the time of Cicely’s passing. Cicely pledged to “continue to improve our relationship, no matter how fragile as it is,” with Joan until her passing in the memoir, as reported by the media. Joan ought to be extremely happy with the woman Cicely was and the sacrifices she put in to help her raise her.

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