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The Majestic Theatre is San Antonio’s most historic and dramatic theatre. It seats 2,264 patrons and was built by the architect John Eberson, for Karl Hoblitzelle’s Interstate Theatres in 1929.

The Majestic Theater San Antonio TX theatre was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. the theater was added to the National Register of Historic Places and became a Texas Historic Landmark in 1991 and was designated a National Historic Landmark on April 19, 1993. The theatre hosted San Antonio Symphony from 1989 to 2014. San Antonio Symphony from 1989 until 2014. In the years that followed, it was the biggest cinema in Texas and was the second-largest cinema across the United States. This was also the first cinema in Texas.

Majestic Theatre San Antonio

History of The Majestic Theatre San Antonio Texas

The Majestic Theatre is recognized for being among the most ornate facilities in the country, the Majestic Theatre located in San Antonio, Texas has been a long-standing fixture among the archives of theatrical and architectural history. It is located in the middle in downtown San Antonio, the Majestic was built and designed around 1929, by John Eberson for Karl Hoblitzelle’s Interstate Theatres, and stood with pride for several years as the biggest stage located in Texas and the second-largest motion picture theater in the nation.

It was designed to be the most sophisticated and elegant theatre within South Texas – complete with modern sound and projection technology as well as the first theater in the state that was completely air-conditioned. The Majestic Theater San Antonio Texas remains among the most atmospheric theatres constructed. The Majestic was influenced by Spanish Mission, Baroque, and Mediterranean architecture, theatre visitors are transported into a mystical home. Walls are transformed into towers, with glass windows that are colorful.

Rare white peacocks perch on the balcony railings as doves are snatched mid-flight. Grapevines cling to the walls, and lush foliage blooms. The roofed “sky” becomes alive as the stars shine and moving clouds float over the top of the head. The theatre closed on December 31, 1974, new entertainment trends caused the Majestic San Antonio Theatre to shut the entrances “forever.”

The following year, the theater was added to the National Register of Historic Places and it was given by the Hoblitzelle Interests to the newly established Majestic Foundation. In the following decade, an array of performances, concerts performances, and touring Broadway productions were able to continue to entertain South Texans from the Majestic stage. Las Casas Foundation, a non-profit foundation that is dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of historical buildings for use in the arts, ensured that the Majestic continued to thrive. Las Casas raised $4.5 million to rebuild the 2,311-seat theatre.

Sixty years of dirt and dust were cleared away to restore the vast, hand-crafted ornamental plaster, statues as well as other intricate carvings. Carpeting and upholstery were created to replicate the 1929 style. New sound systems for production and audio-visual enhancements were added. The Majestic opened in 1989 and was the home to San Antonio Symphony. San Antonio Symphony (1989-2014) in addition to an arena for Broadway touring shows as well as performing arts concerts and other events of all kinds.

In 1993 it was announced that the Majestic Theatre was declared as a National Historic Landmark. In 1995, as part of the purchase from Little Brady Building, located at 208 E. Houston Street, a 3.5 million-dollar renovation of the Majestic stage was completed.

The expansion was completed in fall 1996, providing the Majestic an updated stage that is 40 feet deep with modernized theatrical rigging as well as a state of the art orchestra shell, improved dressing room facilities, as well as larger storage spaces, allowing the Majestic Theatre to remain able to accommodate the changing demands of theatre and symphonic productions. Also View: Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus

Some Interesting Facts of The Majestic Theater San Antonio Texas

  • The Majestic Theater San Antonio Texas was built by John Eberson in 1929,
  • It is owned by the City of San Antonio Texas.
  • The Majestic Theater San Antonio in Texas reopened in 1989 after renovation.
  • The decoration is called “Mediterranean Style”.
  • Majestic Theater San Antonio TX has a machine that projects clouds that move across the ceiling.
  • “Movietone Follies” was the first movie shown in the Majestic.
  • Majestic Theater San Antonio has 3 huge balconies, and two were completely renovated and fully functional.
  • The Majestic Theater San Antonio was the host to President George Bush’s Presidential State Dinner for the International Drug Summit.

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majestic theatre san antonio seating view

Majestic Theatre San Antonio Seating View

We west lots of time making sure that our seating charts and seat maps are accurate as it is often difficult to find the best seats without a properly designed seating chart. We also attempt to provide real-time seat views from various areas of the theatre to give you an idea of the view at your table. Go to the Majestic Theatre San Antonio seating views page to view the seat views. Majestic Theatre San Antonio can accommodate up to 2,264 persons however, we didn’t get 2264 photos in a single shot in the Majestic Theatre San Antonio, therefore the seat views above are representative of the seating area that you are in, not the exact seat.

majestic theatre san antonio seating

Majestic San Antonio Schedule

Find out the San Antonio Majestic Theater Schedule. There are so many shows coming up next and you can find them by clicking here:

Majestic Theatre San Antonio Tickets

Don’t know how to buy tickets at Majestic Theatre San Antonio? It’s very easy to buy Majestic Theatre San Antonio Tickets. One can buy group tickets and single too. There are some policies that one needs to understand. For Buyers, the need must have to confirm that they are available on the day they are booking the tickets as all sales are final means there will be no exchange or refunds in any case. Everyone who wants to enter needs to buy tickets irrespective of age (unless otherwise advertised). Prices, shows, schedules, or artists are subject to change. If someone has any queries or questions they can contact the box office before purchasing, and the Majestic Theater San Antonio phone number is +1-210-226-3333.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. How do I visit the Majestic Theatre?

Tours generally run once per month, on a Monday at 5 pm and 6 pm. Check out the Majestic Theatre website for more information and booking.

2. What are the Majestic Theatre San Antonio Tickets?

Majestic Theatre San Antonio Tickets are $25 and the tour lasts 60 minutes.

3. What is the Majestic Theater San Antonio Phone Number?

Majestic Theater San Antonio Phone Number is (210) 226-5700.

4. What are the majestic San Antonio Other Locations?

Majestic Theatre San Antonio Other Locations are 1. Mahalia Jackson Theater located at 1419 Basin Street, New Orleans, LA, 70116, 2. Saenger Theatre 1111 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA, 70112, and 3. Kings Theatre 1027 Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York, 11226.

5. San Antonio Majestic Theater Schedule?

You can see the Majestic San Antonio Schedule on its official website. Even you can book tickets from there too.


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