List of Salman Khan Upcoming Movies 2024 & 2024 with Release Date, Director and Full Details


Salman Khan Upcoming Movies: Salman Khan, one of Bollywood’s most iconic superstars, is all set to grace the silver screen with a string of exciting and highly anticipated movies in the coming years. His upcoming projects have generated a palpable buzz among fans and the film industry alike. From the high-octane action thriller ‘Tiger 3,’ directed by Maneesh Sharma, to the yet-to-be-announced project produced by Karan Johar and helmed by Vishnu Vardhan, and the much-anticipated ‘Tiger Vs Pathaan’ under the direction of Siddharth Anand, the superstar’s filmography is brimming with promise.

Additionally, Salman Khan will be seen in Sooraj Barjatya’s ‘Prem ki Shaadi,’ Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick 2,’ and Prabhu Deva’s Hindi version of the Malayalam hit ‘Pulimurugan.’ Eid 2024 marks the arrival of ‘Sher Khan,’ directed by Sohail Khan, and fans can also look forward to ‘Dabangg 4,’ once again with Prabhu Deva at the helm. Salman Khan upcoming movies offer a diverse range of genres, ensuring a cinematic treat for his dedicated fan base.

MovieDirectorRelease Date
Tiger 3Maneesh Sharma10 November 2023
Untitled Movie by Karan JoharVishnu Vardhan2025
Prem ki ShaadiSooraj BarjatyaDiwali 2024
Kick 2Sajid Nadiawala2024
Sher KhanSohail KhanEid 2024
Dabangg 4Prabhu Deva2024
Pulimurugan Remake in HindiPrabhu Deva2025
Tiger Vs PathaanSiddharth Anand2025
Wanted 2 Prabhu Deva2026

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Tiger 3


Salman Khan Upcoming Movie Tiger 3Producer: Aditya Chopra

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Cast: Salman Khan & To be announced

The highly anticipated ‘Tiger 3,’ one of Salman Khan Upcoming Movies, an action-packed Hindi-language thriller directed by Maneesh Sharma, has set the stage for an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience. Produced by Aditya Chopra under the esteemed Yash Raj Films banner, the film reunites Bollywood icons Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi, promising a high-octane sequel to the 2017 blockbuster ‘Tiger Zinda Hai.’ As the trailer of ‘Tiger 3’ recently hit the screens, it’s safe to say that fans and audiences alike are in for a thrilling ride, and their enthusiastic response proves that this film is poised to be a blockbuster.

The soonest to be released of Salman Khan Upcoming movies, This film, which serves as the fifth installment in the YRF Spy Universe, takes place in the aftermath of the action-packed events of ‘War’ (2019) and ‘Pathaan’ (2023), adding an extra layer of excitement to the narrative. With a screenplay crafted by Shridhar Raghavan and impactful dialogues penned by Anckur Chaudhry, ‘Tiger 3’ offers a potent combination of talent both in front of and behind the camera.

The ‘Tiger 3’ trailer has been met with resounding applause from fans and critics alike. It showcases intense action sequences, stunning locations, and the charismatic chemistry between the leading stars, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, who reprise their roles as Tiger and Zoya. Emraan Hashmi, the latest addition to the cast, brings an element of intrigue to the story, leaving audiences eager to see how his character fits into the complex web of espionage and suspense.

The film’s intriguing storyline, combined with Sharma’s directorial finesse, has created a palpable buzz in the industry. Salman Khan, known for his charismatic on-screen presence and action-packed performances, is expected to deliver another memorable portrayal of the iconic Tiger character.

As the anticipation for ‘Tiger 3’ continues to grow, fans who use to wait for Salman Khan upcoming movies, are counting down the days until its release, eager to witness the culmination of the YRF Spy Universe saga. With the trailer receiving widespread praise, it’s evident that ‘Tiger 3’ is set to be a roaring success, offering an electrifying blend of action, suspense, and star power, making it a must-watch for Bollywood enthusiasts.

Tiger 3 Movie Trailer

Untitled Movie by Karan Johar

Salman Khan and Karan Johar

Producer: Karan Johar

Director: Vishnu Vardhan

Cast: Salman Khan

Trailer: Not released yet

Salman Khan upcoming movies list has an untiled film also which is being produced by Karan Johar. A shroud of intrigue envelops Salman Khan’s next project with Karan Johar, as the actor recently underwent a transformation that has fueled speculation about his upcoming collaboration with the director. The film, reportedly helmed by Vishnu Vardhan, has undergone significant developments, and it’s set to be an action-thriller with the Indian Army as its backdrop.

What makes this venture all the more captivating is Salman’s portrayal of a paramilitary officer, marking a notable first in his illustrious Bollywood career. The actor has already commenced his preparations for this unique role, suggesting a deep commitment to delivering an exceptional performance. This film draws its inspiration from one of India’s most courageous victories, promising to take audiences on an exhilarating cinematic journey.

Prem ki Shaadi

Salman Khan Upcoming Movie Prem Ki Shaadi

Producer: Sooraj Barjatya

Director: Ajit Kumar Barjatya

Cast: Salman Khan, Keerthy Suresh, Parineeti Chopra, Kriti Kharbanda, Bhagyashree Patwardhan

Trailer: Not  released yet 

‘Prem Ki Shaadi’ is an upcoming film directed by the talented filmmaker Sooraj Barjatya, known for his heartwarming family-oriented stories.This film is going to be the best ever from the list of Salman Khan upcoming movies. In the list of Salman Khan upcoming Movies, This time around, Barjatya aims to celebrate love within the context of nuclear families, promising a unique and refreshing take on this evergreen theme. While the lead actress for the film remains unconfirmed, anticipation for the project is already running high due to its extravagant cast.

The narrative centers around the lives of a married couple deeply rooted in strong family values, with their journey forming the crux of the story. Scheduled for a Diwali release in 2024, ‘Prem Ki Shaadi’ is expected to be a compelling exploration of love, relationships, and family dynamics in the contemporary world, adding yet another chapter to Sooraj Barjatya’s legacy of heartwarming cinema and going to be the only family drama from Salman Khan upcoming movies list.

Kick 2

Salman Khan upcoming movie Kick 2

Producer: Sajid Nadiawala

Director: Sajid Nadiawala

Cast: Salman Khan, Disha Patani

Trailer: Not released yet 

Following the overwhelming response to the first movie Kick, the much-anticipated sequel, one of the best from Salman Khan upcoming movies list, is on the horizon and expected to hit theaters soon. While specific details about the cast and plot have been shrouded in mystery, expectations are running high for this second installment, with the promise of delivering just as much, if not more, entertainment than its predecessor. Salman Khan, a Bollywood icon renowned for his charismatic presence, is set to grace the big screen once again, undoubtedly leaving an indelible mark. As fans eagerly await for Salman Khan Upcoming movies, they can anticipate a rollercoaster of action, romance, and a whole lot more in this upcoming cinematic treat.

Sher Khan

Salman Khan Upcoming Movie Sher Khan

Producer: Salman Khan films

Director: Sohail Khan

Cast: Salman Khan

Trailer: Not released yet

Here in this Salman Khan Upcoming movies article, Sher Khan promises to be an enthralling fantasy action film, immersing audiences in the magical world of a young boy who forms an extraordinary bond with a lion. This unique storyline is poised to deliver a visual extravaganza, with CGI effects that breathe life into the tropical landscapes, creating a captivating and immersive cinematic experience. Salman Khan, known for his iconic action and comedic roles, is set to embrace a different challenge with this film, offering a fresh and heartwarming perspective on the big screen. With its universal themes of the enduring human-animal connection, the power of companionship, and the embodiment of courage, ‘Sher Khan” ‘ s sure to resonate with viewers of all ages, making it a movie to watch out for.

Dabangg 4

Salman Khan Upcoming Movie Dabangg 4

Producer: Arbaaz Khan

Director: Prabhu Deva

Cast: Salman Khan

Trailer: Not released yet

Fan who are waiting for Salman Khan upcoming movies, Salman Khan’s return as Chulbul Pandey in ‘Dabangg 4’ is undeniably a highly anticipated event among Bollywood enthusiasts. As one of the industry’s biggest stars, his portrayal of this iconic character has always been a crowd-pleaser. Fans can expect a delightful blend of comedy and action, which has become a trademark of the Dabangg series. However, what sets ‘Dabangg 4’ apart is its promise to deliver a compelling emotional narrative. The film is set to explore Chulbul Pandey’s history and his intricate relationships with his family, adding depth and a fresh dimension to the character. As part of Salman Khan upcoming movies, ‘Dabangg 4’ is poised to not only light up the box office but also captivate audiences with a captivating storyline that delves into the personal life of the beloved Chulbul Pandey.

Pulimurugan Remake in Hindi

Salman Khan upcoming movie Pulimurugan Remake in Hindi

Producer: Salman Khan films

Director: Prabhu Deva

Cast: Salman Khan, Mohanlal Yadav

Trailer: Not released yet 

If you love South movie being a fan of Salman Khan, then there is a South movie ‘Pulimurugan i in the list of Salman Khan upcoming Movies which would be made in Hindi. Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan is all set to step into the shoes of the iconic character in the Hindi adaptation of the Malayalam blockbuster ‘Pulimurugan.’ Directed by the renowned Prabhu Deva, this upcoming venture will see Salman Khan take on the role of a fearless forest inspector who embarks on a formidable battle against a ferocious lion. The project is scheduled to kick off in early 2024, under the banner of Salman Khan Films, and is expected to hit the screens in 2025. The prospect of Salman Khan donning this action-packed role has generated immense excitement among fans, making this adaptation one of the most anticipated projects in the coming years.

Tiger Vs Pathaan

Salman Khan Upcoming Movie Tiger Vs Pathaan

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Director: Siddharth Anand

Cast: Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan

Trailer: Not released yet 

Yes, you heard it right, Tiger Vs Pathaan is going to be one of Salman Khan Upcoming Movies. The dynamic duo of Bollywood, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, are all set to share the screen in the highly anticipated film Tiger vs. Pathaan. This colossal project is generating considerable buzz, and it’s no surprise considering the grand scale and expense involved in its production. Under the capable direction of Siddharth Anand, this film is already being touted as one of Bollywood’s most expensive ventures to date. Speculated to be a fusion of two incredibly successful film franchises, ‘Tiger Vs Pathaan’ promises to be a cinematic spectacle that brings together the star power of two industry giants. As fans eagerly await Salman Khan upcoming movies, it’s clear that this clash film has all the ingredients to become a landmark in the world of Indian cinema.

Wanted 2

Salman Khan Upcomingn movie Wanted 2

Producer: Boney Kapoor

Director: Prabhu Deva

Cast: Salman Khan & Others

Trailer: Not released yet 

If you are looking for Salman Khan upcoming movies then Wanted 2 is also here, the film is an eagerly anticipated sequel to the immensely popular film ‘Wanted,’ produced by Boney Kapoor and directed by the renowned Prabhu Deva. This sequel marks the return of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in his iconic role, promising fans another thrilling ride filled with action, suspense, and entertainment. While the trailer is yet to be released, the mere mention of ‘Wanted 2’ has ignited excitement among fans who are eagerly awaiting this cinematic follow-up to the original hit. With Salman Khan leading the cast and a promising ensemble of actors, this sequel is poised to keep the momentum of the Wanted franchise alive, delivering yet another dose of adrenaline-packed storytelling.

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