The Kerala Story Box Office Day 2: The Kashmir Files Success Formula Strikes Again with Huge Jump in Collections

The movie exceeded all predictions on its first day, achieving an impressive collection of 8.03 crore that surpassed even the highest expectations.


Bollywood News: The second day’s box office collections for ‘The Kerala Story’ are out, and the Vipul Shah-produced movie continues to defy the expectations of industry experts. The film’s provocative themes about the boundary between propaganda and art have sparked lively debate, and it has been drawing in large numbers of viewers.

The Kerala Story has once again exceeded the predictions of trade analysts on its second day at the box office, as the Vipul Shah production continues to draw significant crowds. The movie’s thought-provoking exploration of the line between propaganda and art has sparked discussions, with many viewers flocking to theaters to watch the film.

‘The Kerala Story’ has set a new trend in the film industry, as many producers have rushed to register titles like ‘XYZ Files and XYZ Story’. These films follow a similar format of portraying real-life tragedies faced by citizens. Since its announcement, “The Kerala Story” has been a topic of debate due to its thought-provoking storyline.

Although the first-day box office collection of “The Kerala Story” was not very high, earning 8.03 crore was a significant achievement when compared to the earnings of superstars like Akshay Kumar and Kartik Aaryan, whose films “Selfiee” and “Shehzada” earned only 2.55 crore and 6.50 crore respectively on their opening days.

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“The Kerala Story” continued to exceed expectations on its second day at the box office, with a huge increase of over 50% in collections. This is expected to bring the film’s total earnings to around 11.50-12.50 crore for the day, and a remarkable 19.50-21.50 crore in just two days. These figures are especially impressive considering the film’s tight budget.

The reported numbers only include the shows up until 9 pm, and the final figures could be even higher depending on the film’s performance during night shows. Due to the high demand, the makers of the film have introduced midnight screenings in many locations, a move that was last seen with Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan.

The plot of “The Kerala Story” revolves around the real-life events of Hindu and Christian women from Kerala who converted to Islam and became members of the terrorist group ISIS. Adah Sharma plays the lead role of Shalini Unnikrishnan/Fatima Ba, a nurse who was kidnapped by terrorists and then indoctrinated.

Note: The box office figures are not exact and are based on approximations from different sources.

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