Manushi Chillar’s Cinematic Journey, From Miss World to Telugu Debut and Beyond


In 2017, Manushi Chillar’s life took an unexpected turn when she clinched the prestigious Miss World crown. Little did she know that this pivotal moment would set her on a transformative journey, not just as a beauty queen but as an actor as well. Now, as 2024 unfolds, Chhillar eagerly anticipates the release of her Telugu debut film, “Operation Valentine,” scheduled for March 1.

Reflecting on her Miss World experience, Chillar shares, “Miss World has had a very big impact on my life, that’s one night that changed everything.” The year following her win was filled with global travels, encounters with world leaders, and connecting with the most underprivileged. This exposure, she says, was unique to the Miss World platform, providing a profound perspective on life. “The way I looked at things and life changed, I matured so much,” she adds, emphasizing the transformative nature of her Miss World journey.

Professionally, the journey has been equally enlightening for Chillar. Learning from her Miss World days that “nothing goes according to plan,” she entered the film industry with an open mind and a willingness to adapt. Her upcoming Telugu debut, “Operation Valentine,” marks another milestone in her evolving career.

Manushi Chillar's Cinematic Journey, From Miss World to Telugu Debut and Beyond
Manushi Chillar’s Cinematic Journey, From Miss World to Telugu Debut and Beyond

Manushi Chillar states, “I am very excited for 2024 because it’s starting with a February 16 release, and there are many more releases this year. I am more comfortable as an actor and I understand my profession a lot better.” The actor looks forward to the outcomes of her hard work and dedication in the coming year.

Discussing her foray into the Telugu film industry, Chillar appreciates the uniqueness of each project, regardless of the language. She mentions, “I had a wonderful time working in the Telugu film industry. Each project of mine has been very different, whether it was Hindi or Telugu industry.” Despite language barriers, she commends the industry for its warmth and acceptance, saying, “Everyone works like a family. They are very accepting and accommodating and they understand the fact that you don’t speak the language.”

Chillar acknowledges the challenges of working in an unfamiliar language but credits the supportive environment on set. Expressing her desire to explore more opportunities in South Indian cinema, she notes, “I would love to do more films down South. They do have a different way of working but they make you feel at home.”

As she evolves as an actor, Manushi Chillar emphasizes the learning experience that each role brings. “With every movie, there is a certain learning experience that you have. I feel like there’s a lot of you in each character. Every role is exciting and comes with its own challenges. I have always enjoyed prepping a lot,” she shares, highlighting the importance of preparation and dedication in her craft.

Being an outsider in the industry, Chillar acknowledges the difficulties of breaking into Bollywood. “I know how difficult it can be to get your first film. I am a complete outsider, so it has taken me a while to understand the work, who is who, and how to maneuver my way here. I am still learning,” she admits. However, she confidently states that in 2023, she started feeling comfortable, believing that she belongs to the industry. Looking ahead to 2024, she plans to fully embrace her role as an actor and take ownership of her place in the industry.

Reflecting on the milestones of 2023, Manushi Chillar expresses contentment, saying, “2023 was a year of many milestones, a big impact on my personal and professional life. I am very happy and have zero regrets this year.” She mentions building strong connections, bonding with family, and shooting for exciting projects. With high expectations for the coming year, Chhillar looks forward to further growth and success in her cinematic journey.

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