Varun Sood Breaks Stereotypes, From Reality Star to Proving His Acting Mettle in Karmma Calling


In the dynamic world of entertainment, breaking stereotypes can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. Actor Varun Sood has successfully navigated this path, shifting from his roots as a reality star and VJ to establishing himself as a credible actor in his latest web series, Karmma Calling. In a recent conversation, Sood reflected on his evolving journey, changing audience perceptions, and his future projects.

Varun Sood acknowledged the challenge of transitioning from a reality star to an actor. He shared insights into his deliberate approach, stating, “Because I started off as a reality guy and a VJ, the transition had to be very evident. I gave myself two years of not being on camera at all so that the next time people see me in Karmma Calling, they can say ‘oh, he’s an actor now, he’s acting!'” This intentional break from the screen allowed Sood to redefine his image and showcase his acting skills in a new light.

The 28-year-old actor expressed satisfaction with the changing audience perception towards him. He emphasized the importance of honesty in his work, stating, “I can just be honest in my work and hope that people love me for being an actor now.” With Karmma Calling as a stepping stone, Sood revealed that he has two more projects lined up in the fiction space, signaling a promising trajectory in his acting career.

Varun Sood Breaks Stereotypes, From Reality Star to Proving His Acting Mettle in Karmma Calling
Varun Sood Breaks Stereotypes, From Reality Star to Proving His Acting Mettle in Karmma Calling

Varun Sood’s journey into acting includes notable appearances in films like Jug Jugg Jeeyo and Selfiee, along with his role in the web series Ragini MMS Returns. In Karmma Calling, he takes on the role of the son of Bollywood icon Raveena Tandon, showcasing his versatility and range as an actor.

Reflecting on his reality TV stint, Sood acknowledged the challenges of public scrutiny into his personal life. He shared, “During my reality TV stint, a lot of things about my personal life came out which I didn’t want to. I’m not blaming anyone; it just happened.” However, he expressed contentment in finding a balance, asserting, “Right now, I’m at peace with my audience. I have enough space where I can protect my private life. I think the audience is also accepting that.”

Addressing questions about his relationship status, Sood cleverly responded, “I’m happy to be married to my work.” This assertion emphasizes his dedication to his craft and the priority he places on his professional journey.

Sood also mentioned his interactions with Raveena Tandon’s daughter, Rasha, on the sets of Karmma Calling. Describing Rasha as a fun person, he expressed his eagerness to collaborate with her, saying, “Rasha is a fun person, and I would love to work with her.” This statement hints at the camaraderie and potential collaborations that may unfold in Sood’s future projects.

As Varun Sood continues to break barriers and make strides in his acting career, his journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to redefine their paths within the entertainment industry. With a deliberate approach, dedication to craft, and a commitment to authenticity, Varun Sood is carving a niche for himself beyond the confines of reality television.

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