Ameesha Patel Hints at ‘Humraaz 2’ in the Making, Abbas-Mustan’s Thriller Sequel


Sequel fever continues to grip Bollywood, and the latest buzz surrounds the potential sequel to the 2002 hit film “Humraaz.” Abbas-Mustan, the renowned directorial duo, is reportedly gearing up for “Humraaz 2,” a thriller that left a lasting impact nearly two decades ago. In a recent interview, Ameesha Patel, one of the pivotal stars from the original cast, shared insights into the sequel’s development, expressing her awareness of the project and the ongoing scripting process.

In an era where sequels have become a cinematic trend, Abbas-Mustan’s decision to revisit “Humraaz” has generated significant excitement among fans of the thriller genre. Ameesha Patel, who played a crucial role in the 2002 film, recently spoke about her knowledge of the sequel’s progress, shedding light on the current status of the project.

During an interview with News 18, Ameesha Patel revealed her awareness of the sequel and her uncertainty about the finalized script. She acknowledged that news about “Humraaz 2” had surfaced recently, surprising her as well. The actress shared that she knew the producers and directors were working on the script but was unsure if it had been locked. While discussing the development, Ameesha Patel expressed her belief that it’s best to leave official announcements to the producer, Mr. Ratan Jain, who will reveal details when the time is right.

Ameesha Patel Hints at 'Humraaz 2' in the Making, Abbas-Mustan's Thriller Sequel
Ameesha Patel Hints at ‘Humraaz 2’ in the Making, Abbas-Mustan’s Thriller Sequel

Sources close to the project have disclosed that Abbas-Mustan, along with producer Ratan Jain, have been actively working on crafting a script worthy of following up the 2002 thriller. After extensive discussions over the past two years, the duo reportedly cracked a concept deemed bigger and better than the original. The source revealed that the basics of the sequel’s story are on paper, and the team will soon be approaching actors to join the project. While the decision on whether it will be a direct sequel or part of a franchise remains uncertain, there is speculation about the potential return of the original cast, including Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna.

Ameesha Patel recently made a comeback with the sequel to her superhit film “Gadar.” The sequel, featuring Patel alongside Sunny Deol, continued the love saga from the 2001 original. Utkarsh Sharma played a pivotal role in the film, and its success marked a significant return for Ameesha Patel to the silver screen.

As anticipation builds around the potential sequel to “Humraaz,” Ameesha Patel’s comments offer a glimpse into the ongoing developments. Fans of the original film and lovers of suspenseful thrillers eagerly await official announcements regarding the script, casting, and the eventual release of “Humraaz 2.” If the latest trend of successful sequels in Bollywood is any indication, the sequel may well recreate the magic of the original and captivate audiences once again.

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