Adah Sharma’s ‘The Kerala Story’ Confirmed for ZEE5 OTT Premiere on February 16


After months of anticipation and industry speculation, the Adah Sharma-starrer “The Kerala Story” has finally secured its OTT release. The critically acclaimed film, which enjoyed success at the box office, is set to premiere on ZEE5 starting February 16, 2024. The announcement comes as a relief to fans eagerly awaiting the film’s digital release, especially after initial challenges in finding an OTT platform due to its sensitive subject matter.

Directed by Sudipto Sen, “The Kerala Story” delves into a controversial theme, prompting concerns about potential audience reactions. Earlier reports suggested that the film faced challenges in securing an OTT platform due to the sensitive nature of its subject matter. An industry source had highlighted this as a potential reason for the initial delay, stating, “The Kerala Story, while performing well at the box office, touches upon a topic that could spark controversy. This might have made major OTT platforms hesitant.”

However, the wait is finally over as ZEE5 steps up to bring this thought-provoking film to a global audience. The streaming platform’s Chief Business Officer, Manish Kalra, expressed excitement about showcasing a film that not only received accolades for its plot and Adah Sharma’s performance but also addresses a sensitive yet crucial subject. Kalra believes that the film will compel audiences to confront stark realities, making it a must-watch.

Vipul Amrutlal Shah, the producer of “The Kerala Story,” expressed his joy at the film’s successful box office run and the eager anticipation for its OTT release. He encouraged families to watch the film together, emphasizing its importance as an enlightening cinematic experience.

Director Sudipto Sen, acknowledging the sensitive nature of the film, described the challenge of translating such topics into cinema. He expressed gratitude for the box office success, considering it an affirmation of the film’s impact. Sen urged those who haven’t watched the film to experience it on ZEE5, promising a transformational journey. He emphasized that the stories in the film are real, making “The Kerala Story” a unique cinematic experience.

Adah Sharma's 'The Kerala Story' Confirmed for ZEE5 OTT Premiere on February 16
Adah Sharma’s ‘The Kerala Story’ Confirmed for ZEE5 OTT Premiere on February 16

Lead actor Adah Sharma, applauding the courage of the filmmakers, highlighted the immense hard work put into bringing “The Kerala Story” to life. After its historic success as the highest-grossing female-led film worldwide, Adah is eager for the film’s ZEE5 release to reach a broader audience. She expressed thrill and answered the queries of fans eagerly awaiting the film’s OTT premiere.

While “The Kerala Story” finds its way to ZEE5, Adah Sharma is gearing up for another impactful role in “Bastar – The Naxal Story.” The recently released teaser has already garnered attention for its powerful monologue by Adah’s character, IPS Neerja Madhvan. Directed by Sudipto Sen, this film, set to release on March 15, 2024, tackles a complex social issue, promising another thought-provoking cinematic experience from the talented actress.

As “The Kerala Story” makes its digital debut on ZEE5, the film’s journey continues, offering audiences an opportunity to engage with its compelling narrative and explore the real-life stories it brings to light. The OTT release marks a significant chapter in the film’s trajectory, ensuring its reach to a wider audience and further solidifying its impact in the realm of Indian cinema.

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