YRF’s New Project, Ahaan Panday Takes the Lead in Mohit Suri’s Upcoming Young Love Story


In a significant move, Ahaan Panday, the talented protege groomed by Aditya Chopra at Yash Raj Films, is set to step into the spotlight with a lead role in an upcoming romantic drama helmed by Mohit Suri. Having been under the careful guidance of Aditya Chopra for the past five years, Ahaan Panday’s journey from YRF Talent to the big screen marks a pivotal moment, showcasing YRF’s commitment to nurturing promising talents in the industry.

Aditya Chopra, renowned for discovering and shaping stellar talents like Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh, has invested significant effort in honing Ahaan Panday’s skills. Ahaan was enlisted as YRF Talent and underwent rigorous training programs personally curated by Aditya Chopra to ensure his readiness for a significant film project under the YRF banner. Now, Ahaan is all set to make his mark in the Hindi film industry.

The trade sources reveal that Ahaan Panday’s debut is anticipated as one of the most significant launches in recent years in the Hindi film industry. YRF’s strategic approach to keep Ahaan under wraps allowed him to focus on honing his craft, and the actor is now gearing up for a major project, a young love story directed by Mohit Suri.

YRF's New Project, Ahaan Panday Takes the Lead in Mohit Suri's Upcoming Young Love Story
YRF’s New Project, Ahaan Panday Takes the Lead in Mohit Suri’s Upcoming Young Love Story

Mohit Suri, known for his directorial successes like “Aashiqui 2” and “Ek Villain,” is set to venture into another romantic saga. Ahaan Panday caught Mohit’s attention as the quintessential romantic hero during auditions and screen tests. Mohit sought a fresh and charismatic young actor for his project, and Ahaan’s potential convinced him that the budding talent is the right fit for the role.

This project is the result of Yash Raj Films’ collaboration with Mohit Suri, a creative master in the romantic genre. It also marks the first film produced by YRF’s CEO, Akshaye Widhani. Aditya Chopra’s creative influence at YRF empowers the leadership team, including Akshaye Widhani, to foster creative partnerships with the brightest minds in the Hindi film industry.

The film, yet to be titled, is slated to commence filming later this year. Ahaan Panday’s journey from Aditya Chopra’s protege to headlining a Mohit Suri romantic drama is a testament to YRF’s commitment to shaping the future stars of Indian cinema. As anticipation builds around Ahaan’s debut, the collaboration between YRF and Mohit Suri promises a fresh and captivating addition to the world of romantic Bollywood cinema.

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