Wedding TV ‘s Akkapaka Ganapathi Aka GANA says it’s very difficult to find time for family when you are a part of the event industry


Gana recalls, when the journey of our venture WEDDING TV started, none of the team members had time to spend time with their loved one. I was not able to manage my family time. Although I also like to go on vacation with my family, being a workaholic person, you can always find me working through my phone. That really used to piss off my family but now they have understood my love for my work. Now maybe after a few years I can say that I am able to manage my work life and personal life really well.

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Wedding TV

Wedding TV The idea of WEDDING TV came to mind when Gana attended one of his cousin’s wedding (2016), they were not able to manage the wedding and their guests. That time gana realised there was a market gap where people wanted to make the wedding thing like a ceremony and luxurious experience for everyone on a grand scale but no one was able to manage the marriage at a grand scale, the very next day Gana thought that I have to do such a thing.

Gana says ”I talked to all the people around me and said that we can open a wedding management company. My friends and close people showed faith in me and we registered WEDDING TV, from that day till today we never looked back”.

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