Rohit Jangid: The young Indian Wushu Champion fascinates youngsters with his consistent successes in the much-talked-about martial arts sport

Bringing so much glory to India has been no cakewalk for him, but he kept walking on his path, and that changed the “game” for him.


Having the vision to attain specific goals in life is one thing, but having the tenacity and courage to go beyond that to choose unconventional roads, make bold decisions, face challenges head-on, overcome them and then turn those visions into reality is a different thing altogether.

To belong to the latter category has had some professionals to surrender to their dreams, chase them determinedly and move up the ladder of growth and success. It won’t be wrong to say that Rohit Jangid did the same by choosing the sporting world, and specifically Wushu, to make a name for himself and, most importantly, for India on a global stage.

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Rohit Jangid

Rohit Jangid hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, and has always focused his energies and passion into working his way to the top as a Wushu Champion. The kind of insane successes and achievements this talented boy has achieved in Wushu has made him one of the top names from India in the sport. Internationally, Rohit Jangid has fascinated youngsters with his consistent successes in the much-talked-about Chinese martial arts, where he has earned Bronze medals at the coveted 12th Wushu International Championship Hong Kong, 9th World International Championships Georgia, and the International Wushu Cup Nepal.

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