Producer Prem Rai Says, ‘Bhojpuri Cinema Is Edging Towards Success’

This regional film industry is up for a change and the trade figures are enough proof of it


The Indian film industry has been thriving and the growth over the past few decades has been phenomenal, according to bhojpuri film producer Prem Rai. Under the most popular arm called Bollywood, bhojpuri film industry has been secretly nurturing itself and steadily taking root. “While the biggest Indian film industry which comprises of Hindi films has been struggling to make profits owing to their high budgets, the regional film industry has been raking in the profits as their budgets are low. From 50 films to 100 films a year, its growth has been extraordinarily impressive, and the profits are enough proof of it,” says Prem who has been observing the workings of the bhojpuri film industry from close quarters.

According to his findings, the industry releases around 100 films a year and the gross collection reaches up to Rs. 125 crores, which is phenomenal for this space which was struggling to cope up with the losses a decade back. Even in extreme cases if a film fails to perform at the box office, the producer doesn’t bear a huge loss, a fact which has attracted a lot of investors who are keen on investing in bhojpuri films as the chances of making losses is less or almost nil. Prem Rai has been in the business for a long time and has given some exceptional movies which have wowed the audiences.

Producer Prem Rai on Bhojpuri Film Industry

The fine film producer strongly believes that the bhojpuri film industry is poised for growth as many talented artists who have years of experience working in front and behind the camera are looking forward to work in bhojpuri films, which is extremely encouraging. He has given some memorable movies till date which include Aatankwadi, Chalo Bhag Chale, Prem Kaidi, Aashiq Aawara, Jaaneman, Hindutva, Boss and the most recent one Fasal starring Dinesh Lal Yadav and Amrapali Dubey. “The future of bhojpuri cinema is extremely bright and the way its viewership is on the rise, it might soon become one of the most sought after industry’s in the world,” says Prem optimistically.

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