Producer Chandni Soni expresses her views on ‘Kaali’ poster that has grabbed a great controversy


The Maa Kali controversy began when a poster for Leena Manimekalai’s documentary “Kaali” showed an actor portraying the goddess smoking a cigarette. Despite Manimekalai’s claims that the film was about a woman walking through Toronto’s streets, some right-wing organizations took offense and filed numerous complaints against her, ultimately leading to the removal of the film’s screening at Canada’s Aga Khan Museum. FIRs were filed against the director in several places since it was alleged that she intentionally damaged Hindu feelings.

Producer Chandni Soni on Kaali Poster Controversy

Agreeing with the majority, Producer at Gyatri K Productions, Chandni Soni, has also raised his opinions. She feels the poster is demeaning our goddess as Maa Kaali stands for the goddess of death, time, and doomsday. And in the Hindu religion, all the deities teach us to work on the right path. A photo of Maa Kali with a cigarette does not convey the right message in society.

Further talking about the same, Chandni Soni said, “Being a holy person, I feel that this act of portraying God is not right. They are the guiding light in people’s lives; above all, we seek blessing from them. All the gods are the epitome of good things and seeing such acts of degrading God’s image is what stands against our Hindu religion. Movies are supposed to be portraying the good things as more than 80% of people follow cinema. It is supposed to entertain, not defame anyone’s identity, whether it’s a human or God. Filmmakers must understand what they are going to portray as it can also have a lot of impact on viewers’ psyche. Films are supposed to educate and guide people in the right direction, not misguide them.”

From Chandni view, filmmakers should be conscious of what they are going to make, keeping everything in mind. The film’s idea would be great, but the way it has been showing an image of God is not appreciable.

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