Producer and DJ Ysquar3 talks about how to stay consistent in music.


What really makes people and professionals find their path to glory and success and how they go ahead in attaining what they desire depends on how well they surrender to their dreams and how deep they wish to dive in the competitive industries they want to be a part of. It is essential for people to understand that there are a few traits and qualities that, if worked on, can lead people to become influential figures in their respective sectors and help them be known across their niches. Even as youngsters, people can thrive incredibly in their fields if they never lose focus of their visions and, most importantly, stay consistent in music, says Yuvraj Singh Yadav, aka DJ Ysquar3.

He developed his passion in music at 11 years of age and eventually did his first commercial show at 13 years. Ysquar3, who as a young Delhi talent has won hearts with his prowess and talents in Progressive House and Techno genres, can’t emphasize enough how essential it is for people to stay consistent in what they do. For the same, he explains that first, people need to love what they do as loving one’s work gives people the courage to stick to their goals and face even the challenges, which eventually leads to staying consistent on one’s goals. Practicing one’s art helps people remain consistent in their work and continuously hone their skills.

Ysquar3 also highlights how people need to stop comparing themselves and their journeys with others as he explains that everyone has their own timelines, and working on oneself every day helps in staying consistent with their talents. Support is something people will seldom have at the beginning of their career; hence, even here, they will have to stick to consistency in bettering their knowledge and skills to be their own support and thrive off of their passion and commitment. Lastly, he also suggests people take required risks in their journeys, as those will either give them failures or successes, but in any case, it will teach them to stay consistent on their journey and be dedicated to their goals.

Ysquar3 (@ysquar3), so far, has given many hit tracks like Sanctum and Be My Home that is available on Spotify and successfully runs his music ventures with Ysquar3 and Yamaraj. The former includes melodic techno genre with Sanctum, while the latter offers Yamlok, his record label with hard styles.

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