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DJ Buddha Dubai, The screen time of users in the last few years has drastically increased. Thanks to smart devices and the ever-changing trends of social media. We all have witnessed how social media apps have flourished and have become the ideal content creation platform. It has given birth to an array of content creators and influencers who are raking in the great moolah. But what does it take to be a successful name on the internet? The answer is simple — artistic flair and creativity. Making the most of it is Mihir Budhabhatti aka DJ Buddha Dubai an emerging DJ and producer from Dubai who is one to share with others.⁣

DJ Buddha Dubai needs no formal introduction. The creative potential that this young lad possesses justifies the same. His versatile skills have built his reputation as an affluent Bollywood DJ, and musk producer. While DJ Buddha Dubai has enthralled the crowd in Dubai’s leading clubs and events: he has even created a fandom of his own on Instagram. In a time when the world was falling apart because of the pandemic, DJ Buddha Dubai brought everyone closer by redefining music in a quirky way.⁣

Currently, in his late 30s, Mihir is an independent risk analyst at a global private bank working with a Dubai branch since 2005. During the day he is a banker, and at night he is a DJ who lights up nightclubs.⁣

Gujarati ex-pat takes part in large-scale shows and concerts on a regular basis. As well as performing at the best nightclubs in Dubai, he also performs at private parties, weddings, and other events in the city.

During the late nineties, DJ Buddha Dubai discovered Techno and Deep House genres and fell in love with them. Eventually, he created his own genre of club music called “Desi Deep House”, which significantly changed the Desi club scene.
DJ Buddha Dubai’s inclination towards music has evolved because he has been a music lover and collector from the beginning. He has therefore specialized in producing musical fusions that are inspired by Bollywood, Bhangra, commercials, and house music for the most demanding audiences around the globe over the past ten years.⁣

There’s no doubt in the fact that DJ Buddha Dubai is class beyond comparison. “My love for art stems from these reasons, which made me decide to present it to the world my way. I am extremely well supported by my colleagues and supervisors at my workplace. Being able to balance both of my professions is something that makes me excited, and I am very grateful for that.”⁣

Several of his official mixes and mashups have been released via collaborations with major record labels, including Zee and T-Series. Besides creating groovy jingles, he has contributed to several UAE advertising campaigns. ⁣
Additionally, AKS Nights’ resident DJ has his own radio show on City 1016, one of the largest Bollywood music stations in the UAE. Thus, this musical prodigy constantly sets new benchmarks and keeps the best foot forward.

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