Is Manisha Ranawat Hinting At Har Relationship Status With someone With This Post ?


Recently, Manisha Ranawat posted a mysterious post on her Instagram, giving us the hints about two things- one her relationship status with someone secondly, showing her displeasure in an indirect manner over her linkup news.
Now while we try to decode what the post actually means. Why don’t you guys have a look and tell us what actually the youngest filmmaker means by this post?

Manisha Ranawat, a writer, director, producer, and the production company owner of MD International, is currently working on ‘ Jahaan .’ The movie’s plot is of true love. She is excited about working with more new independent artists because of her passion and support for independent artists. Manisha has challenged Jahaan to be the most awesome movie of all time and be liked by people across all the expanse and of all age groups.

Jahaan will undoubtedly be one of the finest romantic Love stories in Indian Cinema. A simple story told in the most unexciting and enjoyable manner. She has a few movies in her name, but those movies have assured as that her work will significantly impact Indian Cinema in the future.

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