Film kora kagazz emotional story, touched hearts with excellent direction

Film kora kagazz 2022


kora kagazz 2022 Film Review  : Bollywood Film Kora Kagazz released on 25 November is doing well at the box office. In the film, excellent performances by RAJAT KAPOOR, AISHANI YADAV, SWASTIKA MUKHERJEE can be seen mainly. While giving a social message, this film has also touched the sentiments of the people.

It is often seen that nowadays there are profanity and bold scenes in films. But the filmmakers have made this film from a social point of view. The director of the film is Nawneet Ranjan. While the writing of the film is done by Donna Laemmlen and Nawneet Ranjan. Apart from a better story, good direction and cinematography can also be seen in the film.

The story of the film Kora Kagazz gives an emotional touch to the audience. In the film, Sandhya, a young girl, commits a murder due to her rescue from the atrocities of her uncle. On the other hand, Vivek, played bu Rajat Kapoor is a struggling actor who is currently earning his living by teaching acting plays to children. His estrangement from his wife due to financial constraints as well as his love for his work brings an emotional touch. Divya played by Swastika Mukherjee, who is running the Child Improvement Center, shows both love and nature towards children.

The audience who came to see the film told that they liked this film very much. People said that Bollywood cinema needs such a concept Like Kora kagazz. The praise of this film can also be seen on social media.


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