Indian Supermodel, Piya Pal Covers The Distance Between Dreams And Reality


“As I’m paving my way more into the deep world of modelling, I’m also looking forward to being part of various TV shows and series on OTT platforms in the coming years.” says, Piya Pal , the Indian Supermodel.

Many people see dreams and many try to follow them but there remain only a few who actually get to live their dreams. Piya Pal also saw the dream of being an inspiring actor . Her childhood has been spent practising before the mirror some classic and elegant walks and dialogue delivery and expressions.

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Piya Pal

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Piya Pal talks about her passion of being an actor and says, “I have been working on my acting skills for quite a while now, with occasional help from my modelling mentors.” Walking towards her goal of acting Piya decided to set up her firm foundation through modelling which would polish her skills, bring more elegance in her way of expression and add the touch of experience to her journey of acting.

5’7″ Piya Pal added to her name the title of Miss Perfect Pune,2021 which was something unexpected. As she entered the world of modelling with not so confident personality. But now she can be seen as a completely transformed personality. Now her confidence can be seen in the way she sets fire on the ramps that she walks on, in the way she poses for international magazines, in the way she shoots for big brand prints and even in her daily life schedule.

Talking about her modelling career she says,”I have also modeled active wear, dresses and casual clothes in one shoot. I had fun switching my poses and changing my look to fit each type of clothing.” From fitting into different types of clothing to the passion of fitting into diverse roles of characters, Piya Pal has successfully steered her life around modelling and acting.

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