Impacting the lives of the animals in incredible ways, enter NGO Dog Home Foundation


Dog Home Foundation: Of the many things that have attracted the attention of people all over the world, the consistent rise of a few platforms that made the most headlines and attracted maximum attention of people. Out of these, the rise of a few non-profit organizations serving different visions and catering to different beings and initiatives have made a prominent and positive difference in the lives they serve. Dog Home Foundation tops the list in recent times to have been founded to help stray dogs who suffer from people’s wrongdoings or are at the receiving end of the natural circumstances that occur. To help strays with treatments, medicines, and care, Kuldeep and Dhaval started Dog Home Foundation in January 2021 and now have treated thousands of dogs so far.

Providing a home to a living being is one of the greatest deeds ever, and the two founders have done just that with their NGO opened for the speechless souls who deserve and need love and care. They are known for serving free services for injured, ill and accidental dogs in Jodhpur and provide them with well-experienced nursing staff and doctors, with services like X-rays, blood tests, Hydrotherapy, and much more. Especially with Hydrotherapy, they treat paralyzed dogs to help them stand and walk again. The foundation doesn’t accept donations in terms of money but only in medicines and food.

They rescue dogs and even provide air-conditioner canals for dogs. In February 2021, they had even launched a rescue mission for dogs to treat them for their ailments. They are working towards expanding their hotspots in Jodhpur for sourcing food, milk, etc., daily. From 2021 to 2022, they even have made a Guinness World Record by treating 48000 animals in a year. So many celebrities like John Abraham, Ankita Lokhande, Dhvani Bhanushali, Shreyas Iyer, and many others have supported the cause so far.

They have rescued more than 5900 dogs, adopted over 378 dogs, and fed more than 500 dogs and 200+ large animals.

To find out more about them, follow it on Instagram @doghomefoundation.

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