How Music Producer MVTR KENOBI Made His Hit Single ”Studio”


MVTR Kenobi, 33 is a top French music producer of new-age experimental music. His signature groovy synths and techno beats have shot him to the top of the charts and his latest singles like Studio and Ocean have gained an army of listeners and fans along with critical acclaim.

MVTR Kenobi’s real name is Franck Kanga and he has been producing music for more than a decade. He started his journey with music at the tender age of 7 when he fell in love with Jazz music and took up the saxophone as his instrument of choice. Throughout the years he has built a repertoire of working with experimental sounds and bringing interesting snippets of sounds together to form a coherent track that is larger than life.

Kenobi produces his tracks and produces music for his music label as well. The 33-year-old founded Polymath Records and works with his signed talent to produce their music and mentors them with their musical endeavours.

He has a very distinctive creative process and in the making of “Studio”, he explored a variety of settings and emotions to bring together an eclectic soundscape. The song is well-layered and Kenobi paid attention to all the small details while producing the track. He comments, “I see every song as a journey. Journeys have histories that lead to their making and have a destination, just like that, every song of mine has a story, a reason. Once I am in my inspired and motivated mindset I see my destination- the message I want to convey with my song and that becomes my point B. Covering this distance between Point A to Point B gives me endless opportunities to be an artist and work towards my passion.”.

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