Explore the Music of India’s Popular Singer – Priyanshu Sharma


You might not know who Priyanshu Sharma is, but you’re definitely familiar with his work – he’s one of India’s most loved singer-songwriters, and his music has been featured in some of the country’s biggest films and television shows . His story is extremely inspiring – he was born into a family of artists and started singing and playing the guitar at an early age. Now, Sharma is embarking on his first international tour – so get to know him better through the interview below.

Priyanshu Sharma comes from a middle class family of Sikar, Rajasthan. Despite coming from a background where music was not seen as a profession, she trained herself in classical music from Mikke Malik, a renowned vocalist of the Dhurpad Gharana. He continued to study for a government job to keep his parents happy, but maintained his aspirations with the help of his brother Rajkumar Sharma, who guided him through rehearsals for 5–6 hours a day. After years of preparation, Priyanshu started performing locally with friends back home.

You might not know Priyanshu Sharma, but he is one of the most popular vocalizers in India. You can find his music on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Saavn. His songs are in Hindi and cover a wide range of motifs from love to nationalism. One of my favorite songs by Sharma is” Chahoon Main Ya Na.” it is a romantic song with a beautiful air. The lyrics of the song are about two people who are in love and want to be together ever. Another popular song by Sharma is” Kabhi Tumhe.” The song is about being sad and Loving your life mate. We wanted to learn further about his music and the influences that helped shape it.” The music I make is inspired by my gests and the people I meet,” he says.,

You must be wondering what are all the musicales and gigs of Priyanshu Sharma. Well, for starters, his live shows are a visual and Audio treat. He has a veritably strong stage presence, and his voice is absolutely beautiful. He frequently performs with his band, and they produce a veritably energetic and soulful sound. The followership always has a great time at his shows.

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