DJ Ravish Returns To Australia For His Second Tour


DJ Ravish has been making music for the past 2 decades and has found international fame and acclaim for his work. He worked with IPL’s Rajasthan Royals as the team’s official DJ for several years, and has released over 1000 original, remixed and mashup tracks in his career. He has reimagined top Bollywood tracks in his sonical flavour, and has topped the charts with his renditions of pop and folk songs.

DJ Ravish is no stranger to live music. He has performed all over the world in countries like USA, Russia, Kenya, Oman, Mauritius, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, and Qatar. Apart from his own live shows, he has DJ-ed at various cricket matches as the in-stadium DJ, played his tunes for runway shows and was awarded the title of “Best DJ in Rajasthan”.

Last year, DJ Ravish performed in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, and is returning to the cities again this month to play four sold-out live shows. He will be playing in Cult (Sydney), Boutique Nightclub (Melbourne) and the Red Square Nightclub (Adelaide).

His rich discography and career has attracted dedicated fans across the globe who view him as a cultural icon of the South Asian diaspora. The connection he has with his fans has pulled him back to Australia for a second tour. DJ Ravish tells us, “I had the best time performing in Australia last October. Music has a wonderful way of transcending borders and bringing people together. I met many fans and great people during my last visit and I am looking forward to everything that this upcoming tour is going to bring.”.

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