Aman Rathod: A quintessential example in the world of bodybuilding


It is one thing to have a vision to achieve a specific goal, but it is an entirely different thing to overcome the limits, face challenges, lead your way, give your 100% and turn those visions into reality. To belong to the latter category, one had to surrender completely to one’s goals and passion and Aman Rathod did the same by working in the world of bodybuilding and sports. Having established a strong foothold for himself in these fields initially as an avid cricketer and now as a certified sports nutritionist and bodybuilder, he has become a self-reliant individual in these industries by using his knowledge, skills and expertise. went. Familiarity has come a long way

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About Aman Rathod

Hailing from Vadodara, Gujarat, Aman Rathod has taken full advantage of this by creating new opportunities for himself and has shown why he is unique from his contemporaries and competitors. He calls himself a proud Indian because through his work and his many achievements, be it cricket or bodybuilding; He only tried to increase the pride of the nation. Today, Aman Rathod is the brand ambassador of Valiant Worldwide and a professional bodybuilder who has won several professional bodybuilding championship titles.

He is a former Braves cricketer who played between 2011-2014 and has been a star performer for the Braves cricket tournament. He was also a part of Valiant Premier League (VPL) Season 1 for the first time in 2014. It was telecast live on DD National Sports Channel. Many Indian celebrities are associated with VPL, former Rahul Roy, Stebin Bain, Mitt Brothers and many more. He has been given the deserved name of brave face across the world and has also won the title of Mr. Vadodara in bodybuilding.

His rising prominence as a certified sports nutritionist can be attributed not only to his passion for fitness, great nutrition and bodybuilding but also to his years of experience and knowledge and his much-awaited expertise in the same. Know more about him and his achievements through his website

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