Kim Sejeong Opens Up About Industry Pressures and Transformations


Kim Sejeong, the talented South Korean actress who originally gained fame as an idol, is currently riding high on the success of “The Uncanny Encounter 2.” However, her recent appearance on Lee Mujin’s Service show shed light on the hidden struggles that artists often face in the entertainment industry.

During the show, host Lee Mujin pointed out a noticeable change in Kim Sejeong’s appearance and asked her about it. In a candid response, Kim Sejeong admitted that she often feels unrecognizable on screen when she’s working on a drama, stating, “Actually, when I’m in a drama, I feel like I’m not myself.”

The actress-singer went on to reveal the demanding side of the industry, where maintaining a certain image can be a challenging task. She explained that she puts herself on strict diets to meet these expectations but finds it difficult to sustain her weight consistently. She said, “Plus, I lost a lot of weight [recently] but only for a short-term. For me, it’s hard to keep my weight down.”

Kim Sejeong disclosed that she follows different diet regimens when she’s working on a drama compared to when she’s shooting music videos. “If you watch my drama, the effect [of dieting] comes and goes. But the album [promotion] is really short. So I go on a real tight diet,” she revealed. This highlights the immense pressure artists face during album promotions, variety show appearances, and singing commitments.

She also shared the impact of these pressures on her self-image, explaining that her singing career tends to intensify her concerns about her weight. As she eloquently put it, “From around week three of promotion…a different face starts to appear on camera. The shorter the promotion, the better.”

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Kim Sejeong’s candid revelations provide a glimpse into the less glamorous aspects of the entertainment industry, where artists often grapple with the pressure to conform to certain beauty standards and expectations. Her honesty about these challenges sheds light on the importance of acknowledging the toll such demands can take on individuals pursuing their passions in the spotlight.

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