Yash Nagle: “I Never Imagined @Pro.Facts Would Become So Big”

Yash Nagle, 21 from Indore, Madhya Pradesh is an influencer, digital marketer and an expert account manager. He runs the @pro.facts page on Instagram which is nearing the 1 million follower mark.

Most of us use social media platforms as a leisure outlet, hence, seeing Nagle turn it into a successful opportunity tickles our curiosity.

To find some answers and find out more about his story, we sat down with Yash Nagle.

Our conversation went as follows.

Q: You were a highschooler when you started, and usually at that age one is more concerned with gaining clout over the internet and aren’t necessarily looking for active ways to forge a future. Then, what inspired you to take this offbeat path?
Nagle: It’s true that I started young, and I too had set up my account as a pastime. After a while on Instagram, I had realised that if you work hard and take the right steps, your presence can be so much more meaningful. When I started it was an even field, if you were willing to put in the work, you could draw in people and open magic doors for yourselves. I put in my hours and sweat, and I guess I had underestimated myself because I never imagined @pro.facts would become so big.

Q: What drew you towards starting a fun facts page?
Nagle: Do you remember that feeling? When as a kid you’d learn something new and interesting and it would feel like that your world has expanded a little more? When you felt as infinite as the universe? That feeling doesn’t have to just go away when you grow older, one can and should always learn something new. I curate interesting titbits from around the world so everyone who follows me can keep that feeling alive in themselves.

Q: That’s quite a beautiful sentiment. Nourishing our inner child and still keeping some semblance of the childhood spirit would surely bring some peace. Do you have anything more to share – maybe an advice, a tip, or a formula – that would be helpful to our readers?
Nagle: I remember this quote from one of my favourite John Green books, “We are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be.”. Nobody can hurt you or break you if you have fortified yourself, nobody can shame you off a path if you have confidence in what you do. Sometimes the road might seem difficult, but it’s important to remember that when the going gets tough, the tougher gets going.

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