Seema Bishwas Birthday: Do you remember this heroine from Bandit Queen?

On the 14th of January, Seema Biswas turns 57 years old. Seema is known for her serious performances. She recently starred alongside Akshay Kumar, Dhanush, and Sara Ali Khan in the film Atrangi Re. Seema Biswas is a Hindi film actress who has always chosen tough roles. The film ‘Bandit Queen,’ in which she played the demanding character of robber Phoolan Devi, was also the most important and challenging film of her life.

Seema was born in Assam on January 14, 1965. Seema, who began her career in 1994, has worked with a number of Bollywood celebrities. She portrayed a wide range of characters on cinema, but she is best recognised for her role as Bandit Queen. With the 1988 film Amsini, she made her Bollywood debut. In 1994, Shekhar Kapur’s film Bandit Queen gave her true identity. This film sparked a lot of debate. Because the actress was filmed in a rape scenario, which created a lot of headlines. After this scene, she had to deal with a lot of backlash. Not only that, but the Biswas family watched an unedited copy of the film at their house two years before it was released.

Seema’s family members were alleged to have seen her film Bandit Queen after the door was closed, according to media sources. The lights, as well as the house’s doors, were turned off. Because Seema didn’t want the family members’ gazes to fall on her after the movie ended. However, this did not occur. After the movie, Seema’s father looked at her, took a long breath, and remarked, “Only our Seema can play this role.”

Seema Biswas not only performed but also lived the character of Phoolan Devi, widely known as the Queen of Chambal. During the shoot, she had gone two days without eating. Because Phoolan had done something similar in the forests when she was younger. Seema had separated herself from the rest of society during the filming and sat in the corner of a guest home in Dholpur for hours, thinking about her character.

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