Romanticc Tukde Movie Review: Director Varadraj Swami takes us on a nostalgic journey to the romantic era of 1990s Bollywood


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Romanticc Tukde is a beautiful film with a compelling storyline, commendable acting, and technical finesse. Despite a modest budget, Varadraj Swami delivers a visually appealing and emotionally resonant film that audiences are sure to appreciate.

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Director: Varadraj Swami
Cast: Pankaj Bery, Nikunj Malik, Amiya Kashyap, Bhakti Punjani, Dhamma Varma, Brajesh Jha, Vivekanand Jha
Writers: Shahzad Ahmad, Varadraj Swami
Producers: Vijay Bansal, Priya Bansal
Release Date: November 3, 2023
Rating: 4/5

Romanticc Tukde Movie Review: Varadraj Swami is a rising star in Hindi cinema, known for his strong storytelling, screenplay, and technical prowess. His previous work, “Kabaad The Coin,” was a unique and impactful film, and once again, with “Romanticc Tukde,” he proves his directorial mettle. The film, set against the backdrop of rural Bihar, transcends geographical and temporal boundaries, telling a story that resonates universally.

The plot revolves around a deeply emotional narrative set in a backward village in Bihar, highlighting the prevalent issue of domestic violence against women. “Romanticc Tukde” not only addresses women’s empowerment but also serves as a cinematic journey through the golden era of 1990s cinema.

In today’s era where cinema halls are closing down, the film becomes a poignant reflection of the pain associated with the diminishing presence of cinema in our lives. Varadraj Swami successfully captures the essence of the struggles faced by cinema halls, making the film not just a story but a representation of the challenges faced by the entire industry.

What does Romanticc Tukde Movie teach us?

“Romanticc Tukde” carries a powerful lesson – raising your voice against injustice eventually leads to justice. The film underscores the importance of advocacy, showcasing how public opinion and legal systems can be swayed by the voices of those who stand up against wrongs. It serves as a reminder that speaking up can bring about positive change, especially in the context of the prevalent issue of violence against women.

About the Story of Romanticc Tukde

The film Romanticc Tukde unfolds in a Bihar village, where a girl sacrifices everything for her lover, only to face rejection when she becomes pregnant before marriage. Faced with threats from her lover’s family, she escapes to the city, giving birth in secret and working in a cinema hall to make ends meet. The story takes unexpected turns as the girl, now educated and empowered, returns to her village after two decades to confront her past.


The screenplay is beautifully crafted, presenting the story in a fresh and experimental style. While the layered narrative adds depth to the plot, it may lead to moments of confusion for the audience. However, it is commendable that the director and writer took the risk to experiment with storytelling on such a grand scale.


The script maintains a consistent pace, keeping the audience engaged from start to finish. The film unfolds seamlessly, with each character contributing to the narrative in a way that keeps the audience hooked. Despite minor confusions, the script deserves praise for its experimental approach.


Pankaj Bery delivers an outstanding performance, embodying his character with such authenticity that it’s hard to believe he is acting. The ensemble cast, including both new and seasoned actors, does justice to their roles. The only noticeable drawback is the absence of a large crowd in some scenes, affecting the overall impact.

Technical Aspects

Cinematography captures the essence of rural life and small-town charm, although some scenes suffer from a lack of proper lighting. Editing is praiseworthy, maintaining the audience’s interest throughout the film. The music, with lyrics by Piyush Mishra and Ketan Mehta, adds to the film’s appeal, creating memorable songs that complement the narrative.

Sound and DI

The Dolby 5.1 sound enhances the viewing experience, creating a natural and immersive atmosphere. The digital intermediate (DI) work showcases vibrant colors, although the director’s decision to maintain a consistent color tone throughout the film may be considered a drawback.

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