Meet Jase Stevens fitness model, sponsored athlete and lifestyle coach.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we notice how different industries and fields have been changing rapidly and for the better. Ever wondered what could have been the reasons behind these industries’ tremendous growth and success? Well, there could be many factors, but one cannot deny the hard work and relentless drive of certain individuals, who believe in putting their best foot forward always and becoming their best versions, automatically taking their respective industries to exponential levels of success. Jase Stevens did the same and took the fitness industry to much greater heights of success, first by being into shows for bodybuilding and now as a fitpreneur who has been transforming lives through the digital space.

Everything began for him at the age of 21, and since then, Jase Stevens had made it his aim to go deeper into the fitness world, learn several techniques and increase more knowledge about fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. Over the years, he has proved his excellence in the industry for his passion and pure will to make it big in the industry and not just that but has also made a difference in other’s life through his experiences and expertise as a coach, expert and sponsored athlete.

Today, Jase Stevens is also a body composition expert and is driven by his aim to make more people aware of how essential it is to focus on health and fitness in life. Jase Stevens is a Toronto-based fitness aficionado, who after training hard at the gym in his early twenties, realized what he wanted to do all his life. Later, after getting into his perfect shape, he even started competing in bodybuilding shows and always attained top positions in the same. This further motivated him to take his career forward. However, the lack of finances led him to start working at CN, The Canadian National Railway, where he worked as a signals and communications technician, and part of the job was travelling non-stop for work.

Even after working for long hours at work, he would search for local gyms and take out time for his training; this further made him fall for the fitness space. Apart from his training, he also is very particular about what he feeds himself and has curated a proper nutrition plan that he follows wholeheartedly.

There is a reason why Jase Stevens is amongst the best lifestyle coaches, sponsored athletes, and fitness models today. He wants to keep working harder each day to reach people through his online coaching and transform their lives. To learn more, follow him on Instagram @jase_stevens.

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