When we learn to walk, we have our mother holding our hand, keeping us steady. When we step into the school for the first time, we have our teacher guiding us on. Then when we get a job, a manager tells us what to do.

But if one decides that he wants to forge his own path, he has to learn the ropes by himself. It is a beaten lonely road, but the courageous ones with an unwavering ambition can walk it.

Kushagra Anand, is a digital marketer, a business consultant and a public relations expert who stepped into this field at a very young age. Since all these are relatively new, nobody could really guide him and all his peers were busy living out carefree adolescent days.

Anand didn’t let anything deter him and he learnt as he worked. And his work spoke for itself. Clients poured in from all directions and his expertise kept expanding.

At just the age of 19, he owns and runs two firms – Marketing Crown and Indian Crown Media.

His portfolio boasts tons of prominent names – both national and international.

Since Anand learnt everything himself, his knowledge isn’t dated and he keeps an open mind; he can keep in step with the times and cater to all his clients’ concerns. His advice has helped tons of brands, celebrities and influencers.

His PR work has greatly helped businesses and individuals alike. He works closely with leading news outlets, which help his clients get published on national and international sites.

Having already forged a solid path, Kushagra Anand continues to take massive strides in the digital field.

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