Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins Team Up for Cheesy Ad Promoting Men’s Sexual Health


In the world of advertisements, where creativity knows no bounds, Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins have joined forces to create a buzz-worthy promotional campaign for a men’s health brand. The ad, taking inspiration from the quintessential Indian daily soap format, features the Bollywood actor and the popular adult film star as on-screen brothers, leaving viewers surprised and amused.

In this unique ad venture, Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins play siblings caught up in a family drama, wearing traditional attire that adds a desi touch to the entire setup. The storyline unfolds as Ranveer questions Johnny’s wife about leaving their house, triggering a melodramatic sequence among the family members. The plot takes an unexpected turn when, thanks to a magical capsule promoting men’s sexual health, Johnny’s wife decides to stay back.

Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins Team Up for Cheesy Ad Promoting Men's Sexual Health
Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins Team Up for Cheesy Ad Promoting Men’s Sexual Health

The crossover between Ranveer Singh, a Bollywood powerhouse, and Johnny Sins, known for his work in the adult film industry, caught viewers off guard. On social media platform X, reactions poured in, with users expressing surprise and humor. One user exclaimed, “BRO WHAT IN THE WORLD JOHNNY SINS DOING IN INDIAN COMMERCIAL WITH RANVEER SINGH (crying emojis).” Another couldn’t contain their laughter, posting, “Johny Sins And Ranveer Singh Collab (laughing with tears emojis).”

The unexpected pairing drew comparisons to the crossover between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the highly anticipated Hollywood superhero movie, Deadpool 3. A user humorously remarked, “World was prepared for #Deadpool3 trailer… JOHNNY SINS in INDIAN COMMERCIAL with RANVEER SINGH came out of syllabus (shocked emoji).”

While some users were taken aback by the surprise cameo, others praised Ranveer Singh for his unconventional approach to promoting men’s sexual health. One user commended the ad, saying, “Hahahahahaha… this is a brilliant way to use a celebrity in an ad. Not only does it use Ranveer Singh (and Johnny Sins – ‘Google’ him!) in a totally unexpected (and hilarious) way using the much-derided Indian TV series trope, but it also makes the product category far more accessible to a wider set of people beyond it being used in hushed tones!”

Stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhatt also joined the conversation, expressing his delight, “So good to see one of my all-time favorite sexual icons….and also Johny Sins,” on Ranveer’s Instagram post.

In the world of advertising, Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins have successfully created a campaign that not only raises eyebrows but also sparks conversations, making men’s sexual health a topic of discussion in a lighthearted and unexpected manner.

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