Urfi Javed slams Ranbir Kapoor for derogatory comment on her fashion

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor's recent comment on Urfi Javed's fashion sense has caused quite a stir. The social media sensation, known for her bold and unconventional dress sense, took offense to Kapoor's criticism, calling him out on his remark and labeling him as "bad."


Urfi Javed, a popular TV actress, has gained recognition as a social media sensation due to her unique fashion sense and clothing. Her style statements often make headlines in various media outlets. However, in the past, Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor had criticized Urfi Javed’s fashion by calling it a “bed test.” Interestingly, Ranbir’s sister Kareena Kapoor had praised his fashion sense. In response to Ranbir’s comment, Urfi Javed has expressed her anger and asked Ranbir Kapoor to “go to hell.” It remains unclear what the current status is between the two celebrities.

Urfi Javed slams Ranbir Kapoor for derogatory comment on her fashion
Urfi Javed slams Ranbir Kapoor for derogatory comment on her fashion

In a recent interview with Humans of Bombay, Urfi Javed expressed her admiration for Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. According to Urfi, she was initially surprised when she heard that Kareena had praised her. She had thought that it was a joke and that people were pulling her leg. However, when she saw the clip of Kareena’s compliment, she felt like she had accomplished something significant in her life. Urfi’s comments show how much she values the opinion of people she looks up to and how much it means to her when they acknowledge her work.

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Urfi Javed praised Kareena

Urfi Javed expressed her excitement after receiving praise from Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. She initially found it hard to believe and thought it was a joke. Urfi also expressed her disappointment towards Ranbir Kapoor, who had previously made negative comments about her fashion sense. Ranbir had referred to her fashion choices as a “bed test” during an episode of What Women Want, hosted by Kareena. In response, Urfi told Ranbir to “go to hell” and highlighted the fact that Kareena had praised her.

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