Shane Makan Ace Fitness and Health Expert Has Transformed Many Lives Through His Coaching.

Shane Makan, born in Canada with roots of his family belonging to East India quickly grew up to becoming one of the most popular body building coaches. Shane works with “Hammer Fitness”, a fitness brand that provides people with many work out programs and regimes thereby transforming their shapes, body, and lives. Shane has been a recipient of many prestigious awards and accolades in his fitness career- In 2014, he won the CBBF (Canadian Bodybuilding Federation) and won the IFBB pro card.
He became the 1st Indian to turn pro in IFBB and also won the title of Mr. Canada in the same competition. Shane has also featured for many magazines, editorials and was on the cover page of fitness magazine “Inside Fitness.”

Shane was the first coach hired by Hammer fitness and today he has helped more than thousands of clients help transform their shape and lives through many online fitness coaching programs. Shane also works immensely hard on his clients mental and physical quotients thereby striking the right balance between the mind and the body.

he initiated online coaching, where he makes sure that his clients stick to their program and get the results, they want without falling off. The level of transformations he has so far offered to his clients has also turned him into an ace weight loss expert.


Today, the ace fitness coach trains all kinds of clients, including single mothers, experienced fitness competitors, amateurs, lifestyle clients and many others. His expertise and knowledge have helped him get featured in top magazines and publications.

Shane continues on his mission of mentoring and providing best in class fitness solutions for many who wish to bring about a positive change with respect to their body and health.
You can get in touch with him on Instagram shanemkn.

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