Poonam Pandey was seen wearing a top tied on a single string

Poonam Pandey reached for a pani puri while wearing a crop top tied on a single string, and the video quickly went viral.


Poonam Pandey was seen in Mumbai. She can be seen eating pani puri in a crop top dress tied on a string in Mumbai on this occasion. Aside from that, she is dressed in a white crop top and a colourful shorts dress.

The video of Poonam Pandey has gone viral on the internet

Poonam’s Instagram video has gone viral. Poonam appears to be having a good time in the video. On this particular occasion, she ate two pani puri. The video also shows her slim and toned figure. Poonam has appeared in a number of films. Her films have received positive reviews. Poonam Pandey’s social media account was also suspended for posting provocative videos. She then created a new account.

Poonam Pandey has hot and glamorous personality

She has the image of a glamorous and hot girl. She frequently shares her hot and bold pictures and videos. Her fans are also ecstatic about it. She also communicates with her fans on a regular basis. She for her stunning appearance Trolls are also targeted, despite the fact that it has no effect on them.

Poonam Pandey appeared in Lockup Season First

Lockupp Season One featured Poonam Pandey. On this occasion, she was seen fully engaged in the show. Kangana Ranaut hosted the show. In the show, Poonam revealed that her husband used to beat her. She had also filed an assault case against her husband.

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