Anurag Kashyap condition deteriorated after the rape threat to Alia

There was a commotion over bikini photos


Anurag Kashyap recently revealed in an interview that his daughter Aaliya Kashyap received a rape threat. The daughter of Aarti Bajaj and Anurag Kashyap was brutally trolled for posing in a bikini. Some internet users had threatened her with rape. Anurag recalled that he had to leave everything and travel to America with his daughter. Anurag stated that Alia had become very concerned as a result of the online threats.

After receiving the threat, Anurag Kashyap travelled to America

Anurag stated that he was very upset at the time because of Aaliya’s concern, which began after the rape threat. “my daughter was so worried that they left everything and went to America, and she came back here with him,”

Anurag told that his daughter shares all kinds of things

Anurag Kashyap claims that he has never saved Aaliya from the spotlight, and that he is proud that Aaliya talks to everyone about everything, even though there are some topics that children cannot discuss with their parents, hesitate. “At this age, she talks to everyone about everything,” she explained. Anurag never kept his daughter hidden, and he had no interest in movies. He claims she has always been fashionable. She also admitted that Alia attracts a lot of attention because she draws attention to unimportant issues. “If I had gotten so much attention at the box office, it would have made up for it,” He joked.

Disputes with Vivek Agnihotri

Anurag Kashyap recently made headlines after Vivek Agnihotri’s remark about his Oscar-winning film irritated him. For an Oscar nomination, Anurag preferred RRR over The Kashmir Files. In another tweet, Vivek called the filmmaker a genocide denier.

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