Khushi Mukherjee obtains residency in Dubai!

Khushi Mukherjee added another feather in her cap by obtaining a residency in Dubai. She is a permanent resident of the UAE now. This shows she is not just an outstanding actress but a businesswoman too. Elated with owning her new Ashiyana Khushi shared-

“This is all because of the dream that I saw when I used to visit Dubai for my professional work. I always wanted to own a house in Dubai, that was one of my bucket lists and finally, it fulfilled”
Not only this, but Khushi is also on the list of people who has their own residence in Dubai.

Also, she is successful in operating her work from both countries. Talking about more, Khushi is also a big Animal Lover and she is also associated with the Animal Agency and she loves to spend most of her free time with them. This pandemic made her spend more and more time with the Animals and Khushi is completely loving it because it gives her immense peace and happiness.

Talking about her inspiration Khushi expressed, she gets inspiration and courage from Spiders to make her dreams come true because when spiders weave her trap, it destroys many times but never gives up. Like this, Khushi is also a believer in never giving up policy and getting courage from her struggles just like spiders.

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