How Ileana D’Cruz Repond to Undergoing Abortion & ‘Committing Suicide’ rumors

Ileana D’Cruz remains one of the popular stars in B Town, while she has been surrounded by several controversies. Now, we hear about a fake news regarding her committing suicide and getting aborted for a child. The reports claimed that the diva was pregnant and thus she went for an abortion. While she has maintained her silence but she seems to have opened up regarding the same and bet you get to listen to the same. As per the latest interview, she refuted the same and is not at all pregnant. 

She also said that it was in 2018 that the rumours of being pregnant were disclosed in the media. She said the rumors have headlines in the media. She refuted the same saying that she is not pregnant. She was also seen speaking about the reports, which claimed that she tried killing herself but again she said never tried doing it and she is very much alive and active so the news about committing suicide or thinking about it illogical. 

She said she is not even aware of how these rumours came out and started spreading all across. She is a perfect fit and all these things you hear about her are simply rumors. Talking about her she is yet to do anything special and interesting for her film. Stay tuned to know more about her and others only with us. If you have anything to share, do commit and let us know.

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