Get back to pre-pregnancy weight: Tips from Akanksha Awate who lost all baby weight in 90 days

Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most important milestones in a woman’s life. While women cherish all the pampering and care, they often end up dissatisfied with their bodies. The increased weight may lead to stress or in worse cases increase the chance of post-partum depression.

Most women in their post-partum phase keep looking for ways to lose weight. You may think that it is impossible or very difficult to lose weight. While it is not very easy, it isn’t impossible either. All you need is the right knowledge and some discipline to fit into those pre-pregnancy dresses. Akanksha Awate did it in 90 days and here she shares all the ways that helped her achieve her goal.

Below are some tips that Akanksha wants to share:

Set realistic targets: The body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. It is not a good idea to expect instant results. Akanksha says, “I was very desperate to lose weight after my first pregnancy, so much so that I didn’t want to eat. My lactation consultant advised that it would have adverse effects on my breastfeeding journey. I didn’t want that but I was still unable to make peace with the person in the mirror. After years of struggling with my body image, I started reading about weight loss. The best thing I learnt was to be patient and give the body time to react to the efforts. As a result, I followed a healthy routine post my second pregnancy and got back in shape within 90 days.” Akanksha advises everyone to set realistic goals and lose weight in a healthy way.

Stay away from crash diets: A simple google search will pull up countless diet plans that will promise you quick weight loss. Akanksha cautions against such diets. “Crash diets will only mess up your metabolism”, says Akanksha. An active lifestyle and some calorie deficit are the only healthy and sure-shot ways to lose weight. Depriving yourself of food will also

Breastfeeding to the rescue: Akanksha refers to breastfeeding as one of the magic factors behind her weight loss success. Breastfeeding causes significant calorie loss and is known to benefit both the baby and the mother. Akanksha says, “your baby gets the magic ingredient for growth and development and you lose weight. Now that is a win-win situation”.

Monitor what you eat: Your calorie intake determines if you will gain weight, lose it or maintain your current weight. Consuming more calories than your body’s requirement will make you gain weight and vice versa. It is a good idea to calculate the calories of everything you eat. There are apps and websites available to help you with this calculation. Additionally, Akanksha recommends eating fiber-rich food and consuming healthy proteins. She also advises avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Exercise regularly: Well, this is a no-brainer. Exercise is quintessential to losing weight. Akanksha advises starting with simple walks and then move to rigorous workouts after getting a go-ahead from your doctor.

Above all, Akanksha says that it is important to love yourself. Mental health and physical health are interrelated and being kind to yourself will ensure that you complete your weight loss journey with ease.

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