Gaurav Bijlani is reaching for the stars with his unwavering spirit


In order to climb the highest peak of success one has to go through tireless amount of hard-work and determination. The undying spirit and persistence is the key to multifold success. Soaring high and achieving so much at such young age is Gaurav Bijlani who is just 21 and has already earned remarkable position in the world of music. Born and brought up in Pune, he is passion driven and is only taking his music notch up at a time. His inclination towards music developed at an early age. For his remarkable talent he takes inspirations from peripheries of his interests in the music industry.
Gaurav has performed more than 1000 live gigs and shows across India. His spectacular performances have won thousands of hearts of people. He recently performed at Ranggat Lonavla which is a family friend’s hotel and inaugurated the show with a bang which was attended by many VIPs who enjoyed this musical symphony. Picking out intricate melodies on his guitar and creating rhythm which is divine to the listeners evoking their emotions, he is sure to march towards glory in the time to come. He also performed at Ras Garba 2022 which was sponsored by Konark and BBRT.
His performance was glorious and rich in harmony. His singing is imbued with calmness making this his Unique Selling Point (USP) and differentiating him from his contemporaries. He made Dr. Vijay Suryavanshi’s (IAS officer and Excise Commissioner of Mumbai) birthday party a grand success with his performance. He wooed the audience with his charm, captivating and actively making them participate with him. The audience cheered for him and sang along.
His euphonious voice is conquering the music world. He also judged a music competition for Rotaract Club, District 3142. He believes, “music is not what i do, it’s who i am.” His soulful music brings immense comfort to his listeners.
With an ever increasing popularity and unwavering spirit, Gaurav is reaching for the stars. His great ardour for singing is taking over the music metaverse.

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