Ex Girlfriend Somy Ali Breaks Silence on Salman Khan’s House Firing Incident


The recent firing incident at Salman Khan’s residence last month sent shockwaves across the nation, and now, his ex-girlfriend Somy Ali has broken her silence on the matter. The incident, which occurred on the morning of April 14th at Salman’s Galaxy Apartments, involved two individuals on a motorcycle opening fire indiscriminately before fleeing the scene. However, the police later apprehended the suspects involved in the shooting, along with several others implicated in the case.

Somy Ali, who transitioned from Bollywood actress to activist, has expressed her concern regarding Salman Khan’s safety in light of the incident. Despite their personal history, Somy Ali emphasized that no individual deserves to be subjected to such threats and violence, regardless of past relationships.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Somy Ali stated, “Regardless of what has transpired in the past, I pray that even my enemies do not encounter such situations… Whoever has faced it, should not wish it upon anyone else. My prayers are with him. It doesn’t matter what has happened, what’s done is done.”

Somy Ali also expressed her trust in the legal system and appealed to the Bishnoi community to forgive Salman Khan if he has indeed erred. It’s worth noting that Salman and Somy were once considered close companions. According to reports, they dated from 1991 to 1998 before parting ways.

In connection with the firing incident at Salman Khan’s residence, the Mumbai Crime Branch has arrested five individuals so far. Among them are two shooters, Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal. Additionally, one of the suspects, Anuj Thapar, allegedly committed suicide while in police custody. Recently, another accused, Mohammed Rafiq, was apprehended in connection with the case. He is accused of tampering with the CCTV footage at Salman Khan’s residence.

The incident has sparked widespread concern and debate regarding celebrity safety and the prevalence of violence in society. As investigations continue, the public remains eager for answers and reassurance regarding the safety and security of public figures like Salman Khan.

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