Catch The Last Hour Trailer Featuring Supernatural Crime Drama Thriller

 The makers of the web series The Last Hour seem to be making headlines ever since it was announced. Now, the makers have released the trailer of the first ever supernatural crime series ready to release on Amazon Prime Video. The show has an ensemble star cast with actors like Sanjay Kapoor, Shahana Goswami, Karma Takapa, Shaylee Krishen, Robin Tamang, Mandikini Goswami and Raima Sen in the prominent roles. As you check the trailer, it seems taking no time in capturing your attention thus giving an intriguing shift. 

One can see Arup to be coming along with something new and interesting while the transferred known city cop played by Sanjay Kapoor remains in charge when it comes to tracking down the killer found in a small town in Himalaya region. Once he was not able to get the bottom of the said investigation, he gets Dev on the board who happens to be a mysterious young man in it. 

Well, as you check the trailer, you would be intrigued by the performances of the key stars along with others. While the emotions and thrill that can be seen with them are incredible. Well, how about checking the trailer of the show as under and do let us know by commenting below about the same. 

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