Animal Record Breaking Advance Bookings, Earns Crores in Just Two Days


The much-anticipated film ‘Animal,’ featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol, is set to hit Indian cinemas in just three days, and the excitement among audiences is palpable, as evident from the astonishing advance booking collections.

The advance booking for ‘Animal’ commenced on November 25th, and within a mere two days, the movie has amassed remarkable earnings, reflecting the immense anticipation surrounding its release.

This movie marks Ranbir Kapoor’s first stint in a gangster avatar, while Bobby Deol’s silent yet violent look has heightened fans’ anticipation for this upcoming release.

The pre-release buzz for ‘Animal’ has translated into phenomenal advance bookings, with audiences eagerly securing their seats. The film, opened for advance booking six days ahead of its release, has witnessed a tremendous response, particularly in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages across India.

According to reports, the movie has grossed a staggering 6.42 crores in advance bookings within just two days. The Hindi version alone accounted for approximately 5.87 crores, while the Telugu release generated around 5.42 crores, along with approximately 32 thousand tickets sold.

The impressive figures continue to rise, with over 1.76 lakh tickets already sold in Hindi and approximately 33 thousand in Tamil, contributing to a total of around 5,570 shows for the Hindi version and 446 for the Tamil release.

Despite a relatively slower pace in Telugu bookings, with only 341 tickets sold, the movie has secured around 20 shows, reflecting a strong demand for screenings across India.

‘Animal’ has secured screenings in nearly 6,000 screens in India, with over 200,000 tickets sold within the initial two days, setting a new benchmark in pre-release ticket sales.

The film’s promising start in advance bookings indicates a roaring success at the box office, promising an enthralling cinematic experience for audiences when it hits theaters in just a few days.

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