Amidst the news of pregnancy, Katrina revealed herself by posting a picture

There have been rumours of Katrina Kaif being pregnant for a very long time. By uploading the post on her own Instagram profile, she revealed this herself.


The wedding of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal took place a year ago. In a circumstance like this, rumours about the actress being pregnant and concealing her baby bump were common in the past. In this episode, numerous pictures of the actress also gained popularity. The excellent news has now been announced by Katrina on her Instagram page. Additionally, Katrina shared a picture of herself grinning broadly.

On Monday, Katrina uploaded a snapshot of herself to Instagram. Before you go any further, know that She is using her happiness to gain more followers. On Instagram, Katrina has 70.1 million fans. In this instance, Katrina has gladly shared a photo of herself in which she can be seen manually creating the number 7. Katrina captioned this image, “Looking at you… 70 million #instafamily.”

Amidst the news of pregnancy, Katrina revealed herself by posting a picturePeople started congratulating to Katrina Kaif

The social media following that Katrina has is plenty. Fans never stop looking for her newest images. Additionally, She frequently updates her social family with fresh images and videos. Everyone began congratulating Katrina as soon as she conveyed the happiness of 70 million people. Along with the congratulations, Katrina also received the words “sweet” and “cute” from different people.

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