Akshay Kumar Reveals Childhood Wrestling Practice with Father’s Help on Shikhar Dhawan’s Talk Show


Bollywood star Akshay Kumar recently appeared as a guest on cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s talk show ‘Dhawan Karenge’ and shared some personal anecdotes about his father, Harion Bhatia. During the show, Akshay opened up about how his father, who was a wrestler in Punjab and served in the army, played a crucial role in shaping his disciplined lifestyle and interest in sports.

Akshay fondly recalled how his father arranged wrestling practice sessions for him with the older, stronger boys in their neighborhood. “I have always been active in sports and recommend everyone to include at least one sport in their life. My father, who was a wrestler and served in the army, used to invite boys who were older and stronger than me for wrestling practice,” Akshay shared.

He added, “My father would reward us with Cadbury chocolates as prizes. I enjoyed these challenges because my father constantly taught us new techniques.”

Discussing his healthy lifestyle, Akshay mentioned how these early experiences influenced his routine. “We would all wake up early for school, and somehow, this became a habit. Waking up early is something I enjoy. I cherish those peaceful two hours in the morning just for myself. I don’t rush to exercise immediately; I prefer to relax at home first.”

The talk show ‘Dhawan Karenge’ is currently streaming on Jio Cinema Premium and features various celebrities sharing inspiring stories and life lessons. Akshay’s revelations about his father not only highlight the importance of sports in his life but also underscore the value of discipline and early morning routines for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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