Dulhania 3, Janhvi Kapoor to Replace Alia Bhatt and Join Varun Dhawan in ‘Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari'”


Bollywood fans, get ready for another chapter in the Dulhania franchise! Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions has officially announced “Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari,” the third installment in the Dulhania series. While Varun Dhawan is set to reprise his role as Sunny Sanskari, the surprise twist comes with Janhvi Kapoor stepping into the spotlight as the leading lady, replacing Alia Bhatt. The announcement has sparked curiosity and excitement among cinephiles eager to witness the magic of Dulhania once again.

In a statement that set social media abuzz, Karan Johar shared an announcement video featuring Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor. The film, directed by Shashank Khaitan, is slated to hit theaters on April 18, 2025. The title, “Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari,” hints at a blend of romance, humor, and the trademark Dulhania charm that the franchise is known for. Fans are eagerly anticipating the fresh dynamics Janhvi Kapoor will bring to the beloved series.

Dulhania 3, Janhvi Kapoor to Replace Alia Bhatt and Join Varun Dhawan in 'Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari'"
Dulhania 3, Janhvi Kapoor to Replace Alia Bhatt and Join Varun Dhawan in ‘Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari'”

Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor, who previously collaborated in the 2023 film “Bawaal,” are set to reunite for this Dulhania installment. Their on-screen chemistry will be a key element in shaping the narrative of “Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari.” While Varun has established himself as the quintessential Dulha, Janhvi’s inclusion promises a new and exciting dynamic in the Dulhania universe.

Earlier this year, when rumors circulated about Alia Bhatt’s replacement by Janhvi Kapoor in Dulhania 3, Karan Johar addressed the speculation. In an Instagram post, he urged the media not to conjecture about the film until official details are confirmed. The statement left fans intrigued about the direction the Dulhania franchise would take with its latest installment.

While the official announcement does not reveal much about the plot, reports suggest that “Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari” will feature a fresh storyline and new characters. The film is expected to captivate audiences with a blend of laughter, romance, and the signature Dulhania charm that made the previous installments a hit.

Janhvi Kapoor stepping into the Dulhania universe marks a significant moment in her career. The talented actress, known for her diverse roles, will now add the title of “Tulsi Kumari” to her repertoire. Fans are eager to see how she brings her unique flair to the Dulhania legacy and complements Varun Dhawan’s Sunny Sanskari.

As the excitement builds for “Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari,” the Dulhania franchise continues to evolve with fresh faces and captivating narratives. Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor’s on-screen pairing, combined with the creative vision of director Shashank Khaitan, promises a delightful cinematic experience. Mark your calendars for April 18, 2025, as Dulhania 3 takes audiences on a new romantic adventure, filled with laughter, love, and the trademark Dulhania magic.

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